Friday Favorites – Silver Linings

Friday Favorites – Silver Linings

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Happy Halfway Through January! I don’t know about you guys, but 2016 has been ROUGH for me so far! Maybe I’m just getting all of this year’s bad stuff out of the way in the first few weeks? Let’s hope!

Since this has been such a rough week, several of my “favorites” are basically just looking on the bright side of crappy things that have happened, but at least it’s something!

1. This post is late going up today because I had to take Puck to the vet. Nope, not Cloudy who went to the vet last week… different cat. He has something owwie going on with his mouth – I was SO sure it was an abscessed tooth, but they all look ok, so it’s a mystery! He doesn’t want to eat or drink, though, so since the vet office is closed all weekend, I got to learn how to give him subcutaneous fluids myself!

You know when you go to the hospital and get an IV attached to a big ol’ bag to rehydrate you? (Uh, might just be me that has too much experience with that…) Anyway, that’s what they sent me home with!


I asked them to let me do it myself at the vet’s office so that my first time would be under supervision. I LOVE medical stuff, especially vet medicine, so learning how to do it was awesome! Sticking my poor sick kitty with a ginormous needle and keeping that in place with one hand while squeezing the fluid bag with the other is going to be a challenge for the next few days, but I love adding a skill to my “Oh, I totally know how to do that!” list!

(He also got antibiotics and pain meds and goes back on Weds for a check-up! I managed to move Cloudy’s follow-up appointment to the same time so we can do both at once. CAT LADY BUSY WEEK!)


2. My phone has been acting up lately, but on Weds it just totally gave up on the world and quit. I don’t blame ya, phone, with Bowie AND Alan Rickman gone, the planet is pretty lame now.

Anyway, I pulled up my carrier’s site (I do no contract through Virgin Mobile because it’s cheap and I’m poor) and my choices were basically a) $30 piece of crap b) $99 decent looking phone c) $893247629876 iPhone 6 or d) $150 iPhone 5s. I decided to spend the extra $50 to get the older iPhone over the meh $99 Phone of Okayness. I’ve never had an iPhone before, so even though it’s sooooo last year, I’m feeling pretty fancy! Did I make the right choice picking the grey over silver? Do I have to get a boyfriend with a beard now? How does this whole Apple thing work??

3. Okay, an actual awesome thing: EMMA WATSON FAVORITED MY TWEET!


I’m Hermione Approved! Her bookclub is on Goodreads if you want to join, too!

4. Okay, this is more of an awesome thing for you guys than for me, but Target has one of my favorite dresses EVER on clearance for like $8!

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5. Let’s end on a high note with this photo of three things I love dearly: My kitten, my goooorgeous cobalt blue bag from my November Stitch Fix (I really will get around to that review soon!) and my super rad Notorious RBG biography that I can’t wait to dive into!


I SO hope your week has been better than mine! (I also had to get a tooth extracted on Weds. FUN WEEK HAS BEEN FUN!) Here’s hoping for a way cooler post next Friday, full of things that are all happiness and rainbows and unicorns!

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