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Fresh Starts and Blue Skies

Fresh Starts and Blue Skies

Starting over is a scary thing, but it’s also exciting. Let’s do it.

I’ve been blogging over at Straight On Till Morning since 2004, and at some point that decade+ of old posts just started to feel heavy. I considered sprucing things up, a good redesign, deleting some old posts, but the idea of a totally fresh start on a new blog was irresistible, so here we are. If you’ve followed me over here, thanks so much for sticking around! You’re the best! happy heart

So, what’s all of this Blue Sky business? Well, I knew when I started the new site that I wanted my main focus to be exploring the world, both via travel and adventures right at home. But I’ve never been one for sticking to a niche, so I knew there would also be a lot of the other things I love – fashion, books, my awesome cats, yoga, coffee… life in general. I’ve always been terrible at naming things (My first blog from 2000-2004 was called “Insert Witty Title Here”!) so I spent days trying to think of words that captured the essence of all of the things I love. (No pressure or anything!)

The phrase “and blue sky” seemed to stick, so I started brainstorming what could go with blue skies. Bliss and Blue Sky? Beach and Blue Sky? Open Road and Blue Sky? Backpack and Blue Sky? The list goes on, but I couldn’t pick, and I realized it was because I want it all.

Let’s see where this thing goes!