End of April Friday Favorites

End of April Friday Favorites


1. I don’t know how it took me this long to find the Mortified podcast, but I’m totally hooked. I’ve only listened to about a dozen episodes so far, but they’re freaking hilarious. I literally got choked laughing at a guy’s diary entry that began, “Hey, I’m worried. I owe so much to so many tape clubs.” (RIP, Columbia House.) You can start with any episode, no need to go in any order.


2. If you are not yet following Dr. Evan Antin on Instagram… you’re welcome.

3. Β As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been trying to visit all of the hiking and nature trails in my local area so I can compile a guide. (Bloggers have weird hobbies.) Over the weekend, I checked out some trails at the Springfield Nature Center while I was in town for my monthly grocery pilgrimage. (Yes, I have to drive 50 miles to find real food. The Ozarks struggle is real.)


I stared on the paved Boardwalk Trail, which was filled with families and way too loud and crowded, but when it split and I could escape to the hilly, unpaved Bluff Trail where I only saw a couple of other people, I was much happier. I guess I really don’t like sharing my woods?

4. Speaking of my grocery trip, this month I set off with a giant shopping list of tasty ingredients I’d need to try some recipes from the One Part Plant cookbook that I mentioned last Friday. (Fun fact: it is literally impossible to find tahini in southwest MO. I have to order it from walmart.com and get it shipped to my local store. I miss you, Orlando.)

I’ve never bought (or even tried) nutritional yeast before, but it kept showing up in the ingredients list of recipes I liked, so onto my shopping list it went. Β Since then, I’ve been adding it to pretty much every meal in an attempt to get actual nutrients into my body. There’s not much taste to it, a teaspoon has about a bazillion percent of your daily B vitamins and such, and that big shaker was like $6. I’m digging it.

5. I was going to put a real #5 here, but Β after just waking up to the five thousandth rainy day this month (totally mathematically possible) I am making my fifth fav this week he simple fact that April is finally almost over, so those May flowers should be along any day now. I can not with this dreariness anymore. Gimmie sun.


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