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Friday Favorites – December is cold!

Friday Favorites – December is cold!


Happy Friday! I’ve missed the past few Friday Favorites link-ups, so I feel like I have some catching up to do! I spent most of last week down in Key West (I’ll post about it soon!), which was lovely but made coming home to freezing temps really rough! Looking forward to moving back to Orlando ASAP so that when I travel, I’ll almost be returning home to awesomeness.

Let’s Friday Fav it up! (Contains affiliate links because cat food is expensive!)

1. The Target bird addiction continues. Added this guy to my collection recently:





The birds are only in stores, but this awesome “Hairy Llama” guy is available online here! They also have this llama ornament, who kinda looks like a hipster llama to me.


2. So excited that the new Hamilton Mixtape is on Spotify now! There are a few songs I love (the one above, and the Kelly Clarkson cover of Quiet Uptown), but there are also a lot that are great but just not up to the original. It’s hard to remix perfection!


3. You guys probably know by now that I’m in love with the cute “Nite Nite Munki Munki” sleepwear at Target. They came out with this SUPER cute new bird print, which I might have to treat myself to for my birthday (This weekend!) Looks like the print is only available on the long sleeved nightgown, which is kinda a bummer since I prefer pants, but it’s so cute I might go for it anyway. (They also have cute new Fa La Llama sleep pants that are super cute!)

4. I’ll write about my getaway to Key West soon, but I wanted to share a little thing there that I loved!


We first spotted this poem embedded in the sidewalk just outside of the Key West cemetery. Over the next couple of days, we spotted two more sidewalk poems in other parts of the island. It was so fun to just be walking down a street and almost literally stumble upon a fun surprise. I just looked them up and found that there are 17 poems around Key West, all by local poets. Love it!

5. The Springfield, MO CVB recently sent me a press pass to check out some local attractions (more on that coming soon!). One place I got to check out was a bowling alley/arcade/entertainment center called Andy B’s. I’m sure I’ve driven past it a thousand times (It’s really close to the Battlefield Mall), but I’d never noticed it before! I was in Springfield solo that day, so I didn’t bowl or play laser tag, but I did have some fun in the arcade! They have some super high tech games, but I naturally gravitated towards the old school games. Was happy to see I still have some pretty impressive skee-ball skills!



Throwing things at evil orange clowns with weird hair is easily the most therapeutic thing I’ve done since the election.

Traded in the tickets I earned for some fun little prizes. You know I’m a total #CatLady because I picked toys based on what the cats would want to play with.


They also have a restaurant with a full bar on-site, which is a huge step up from the usual beer and hot dogs you’d expect when bowling!


Two notes before I wrap up :

1) I’m working on an article on why hotels should work with travel bloggers. If you’d like to share your input or have a great post that you partnered with a hotel for, send ’em my way at andblueskyblog (at) gmail! Can’t guarantee I’ll include links to everyone who submits something, but I’ll do my best!

2) Don’t miss yesterday’s post filled with fun podcasts to listen to on your crazy holiday travels!

Happy weekend!

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