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I Bought Target (+ a Bath & Body Works Mini Giveaway!)

I Bought Target (+ a Bath & Body Works Mini Giveaway!)

Do you ever have one of those shopping days where you score so many awesome deals that you want to show them off to everyone like a giant nerd? That’s me today. I stopped by Target after my riding lesson on Friday to grab some coffee & bottled water, and walked out with the entire freaking store. I bought an entire Target.

Okay, maybe not quite the entire store, but it felt like it! It seemed like almost everything that caught my eye was either on clearance for a billion percent off or on sale or had a Cartwheel deal or a combination of the above!

BTW, when I pulled up to grab images and links for this post, I saw that they have a Presidents Day sale until the 15th going on for 25% off regular priced clothing with the promo code PRES! SQUEE! (Also, this post contains affiliate links, so if you click/buy anything through those, you are totally keeping my cats fed! And feeding my Target addiction. Both important!)

Okay, here’s stuff I bought and loved or tried but didn’t buy!

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