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Graze Box Review & How To Get A Free One!

Graze Box Review & How To Get A Free One!

(Just a note – This is NOT a sponsored post. I found a special where you can get your first Graze box for free and just pay $1 shipping, so I decided to give it a try! They do have a great rewards program where you can earn a free box and credit towards future orders if people order via your link, though, so you’ll find my link for that throughout this post!)
Graze subscription box healthy snacks
Graze is a subscription service that sends you healthy snacks once a week, month, or whatever other length of time makes you happy. I got the sampler box that contains 4 snacks, but the regular subscription box contains 8 snacks. Here’s what was in mine!


Veggie Caesar

Contains: Ranch Half Popped Corn Kernels, Cheddar Cheese Bruschetta, Edamame beans

I was hit with a yummy savory scent as soon as I opened this package! Despite the strong scent, the actual flavor is mild.  Plus, this little package has 4g of protein, which made me happy! The half popped corn kernels weren’t my thing, but the rest made up for it.

Peach Cobbler

Contains: Peach fruit drops, almond slivers, amareti drops (the little cookie things) and white chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Ohhh, this stuff is good. The peach fruit drops are super sweet and fruity on their own (and contain ACTUAL PEACHES. What a concept!), but mixed with everything else it’s a perfect balance of fruity and nutty and creamy. Definitely my favorite snack of the box.

Banana Caramel Dippers

Contains: Caramel sauce with wholemeal banana shortbread dippers

I have a serious sweet tooth, so I would have liked about twice s much caramel dipping sauce, but I guess these are supposed to be healthy snacks… 😉 I liked these, but they weren’t a favorite. Would happily eat again, but probably wouldn’t go out of my way to request them.

Graze currently has a dozen different dipper options (say that 3x fast!), and I’m so excited to try most of them! There’s everything from sweet to spicy. Two that I’m hoping to try soon:

Graze snack box Thai sweet chilli dippers graze-white-chocolate-dippers

Shut up and take my money, Graze.

Graze subscription acai blueberry bite tea

Acai Blueberry Bite and Tea

Last but not least, some acai action! The bar was similar in texture to a Lara bar – moist (sorry to everyone who hates that word) and chewy and super fruity. It was tasty but small – about half the size of a Lara Bar, to stick with that comparison. The tea is the only item from this box that I haven’t had yet. I’m usually only a hot tea drinker when it’s really warm or when I go out to tea and thus someone else is making it for me. (Making hot water is like, hard, you guys!)

Overall, I was a big fan of my Graze box! As fun and delicious as this box was though, weekly (or even monthly) boxes are just not in my budget right now, so I logged in to cancel my order for the next one with hopes of ordering again sometime in the future. However, when I hit cancel it gave me the option of getting my next box for half price ($5.99 for an 8 snack box), so I accepted and set it for 6 weeks away. YAY!


This is a really big block of text with no pictures, so I will now spice it up (pun intended) with the holiest of fall flavors.

As I mentioned at the top of this post, they also have a great referral program, so you can sign up for your own free 4 snack box via my link and I will think you are awesome because you will have put me on my way to free snacks. (Their usual referral program is a free box for signing up 4 friends, and then $1 off your next order for each person after that, but right now they have a promotion where you get a free box for signing up ONE friend! So you can sign up for your free box and immediately earn a 2nd free one by getting just one of your bazillion online buddies to try it free, too! FREE SNACKS FOR EVERYONE!)

These snacks would be awesome if you pack a lunch for work and want to change it up with a healthy treat now and then! When I worked for Disney, I always liked to bring a variety of options breaks, since there were days I’d reach that time of day and be craving something salty, while other days I’d do anything for chocolate. These are small and lightweight enough that you could easily toss 3 or 4 in your bag so you’re prepared to indulge whichever craving pops up. They do have short expiration dates (some were just a month after the day I received the package) but I feel like the challenge lies in not eating everything the day it arrives, not in finishing by the expiration dates!

If you find a snack you love, most of them are available to order in multi-packs separately from your subscription! Perfect if you want to keep experimenting with new snacks in your subscription box, but know that you want to take your favorite to work every day, too.


The box comes with an insert that gives you all the nutrition info for what you received.
Here’s mine:
One of the things I really like about this Graze’s subscription service is that you can browse through the snacks they offer and mark how interested you are in them, with everything from “trash” (never send me this) to “love” (send this often).


This is one of the best setups I’ve seen – It keeps the surprise element in place (especially since they have like 120 options available), but it ensures you won’t get something that you know you’ll hate. There’s also a page where you can set food preferences that will automatically filter out snacks that don’t meet your dietary restrictions (only send vegan friendly, no snacks with dairy or soy, etc.), and it also lets you filter out ingredients like nuts, chocolate, or raisins that you either don’t eat or just don’t like. They actually DON’T suggest their service if you have an allergy to an ingredient like nuts, though, because everything is packaged in one place, so there’s a risk of cross contamination. In what I consider an “above and beyond” step, they ALSO have a search bar where you can search snacks by ingredient, so you can quickly mark everything containing a certain ingredient as no or yes. (No to raisins, yes to everything chocolate. That’s just my life philosophy.)

Are you hungry yet? Feel free to ask any questions that I missed covering down in the comments, and head over to get your free Graze snack box(And then blog about it, because I’m nosy and want to see what you get!)