Friday Favs – Mid-September

Friday Favs – Mid-September

Happy Friday, all! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m personally sitting here wondering why I’m not two weeks into classes at Hogwarts right now. Muggle life is the worst.

I have been so absurdly busy with ALL THE THINGS. I really need to pick ONE to focus on and actually knock it off my to-do list instead of jumping back and forth only making minimal progress on everything and feeling like none of it will ever end. (Cheerful!) Next weekend is my town’s citywide yard sale, so I’m digging through closets and slapping price tags on anything that sits still long enough. I’m also like 12 hours into a freelance project editing a dentist’s website. Nothing says fun like correcting the grammar on a post about gingivitis! #partyhard I think I’m going to put it all on pause today and just spend like an hour browsing NYFW runway shows!

Here’s what I’m digging this week!

1. All of the Halloween Things! I stopped in Target earlier this week and was smacked by the Halloweeny goodness of the Dollar Spot as soon as I walked through the doors. So many Halloween things and I need them all!



It’s summer in a glass, y’all.

(And yes, I just made this image by scanning the bar codes on the bottles in front of me with the Target & Walmart apps and screenshotting the images. Putting technology to excellent use.)

3. This guy documented his first few days working at Target. Hilarious!


I’m still waiting to hear back, but just the hope of getting this is fueling me right now.


5. Finally, a super important political issue that I think we can all agree on.


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