Friday Favs – Fall is Here!

Friday Favs – Fall is Here!


Happy beginning of Fall, y’all! Tis the season of pumpkin spice and… pumpkin spice.


My original plan for this weekend was to participate in my town’s citywide yard sale, but I was sick part of the week and thus didn’t get much done, and it’s supposed to be 90 degrees the next couple of days, so…. no thanks. I’ll wait for early October so I can actually be prepared and not die of heat. Win-win!

Friday favs time!

1. My top favorite this week is awesome people.

Earlier this week, I was on my way to visit mom for dinner. I had to run some errands first and made a mental note that I totally needed to stop and get gas, and then totally forgot. Oops.

Luckily/Unluckily, I ran out of gas at the bottom of the hill that leads up to mom’s nursing home. The “luckily” part of that is that it’s way better than it happening in the middle of nowhere, especially since I know pretty much everyone who works there.

The “unluckily” part of that is that beyond the obvious suckiness of running out of gas, the hill I was at the bottom of is MASSIVE. It’s close to 1/2 mile long, and pretty much straight up. (I used the altitude filter on SnapChat to check, and it says it’s only a 100 ft difference in elevation, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually 100,ooo,ooo.) And it was 88 degrees. And I’d been super sick the day before, so my body was already pretty unhappy with anything that involved moving. I was sweaty and almost in tears by the time I made it to mom’s room, and my mood got worse when I realized I left the dinner & coffee I brought her in my car.

One of mom’s nurses not only drove me down to my car to grab the food and make sure I’d locked it, but she called her in-laws who live nearby to see if they could run me to a gas station. Not only were they totally fine with taking like half an hour out of their day to help some person they’d never met, but they already had a gas container, so I didn’t even have to buy one.

#1 Friday Favorite status well earned.

2. Is ANYONE surprised by this? Didn’t think so.


This was the first time I’ve logged into Pottermore in forever, btw, and if you’re the same, I seriously suggest doing so just to read the article about Ilvermorny. #SOGOOD (I might have cried.)

3. Alice & Olivia at #NYFW


Gandalf starry night tee

Once Upon a Tee is one of my favorite recent internetty discoveries! They release a new series of t-shirts each week, and they’re just $12 each, or 4 shirt collectons for $25! This Starry Hobbiton design is my fav! Other shirts this week include GOT characters and Nightmare Before Christmas. New designs come out Monday!

5. This video might be even better than the viral one Joss Whedon made. The last line is GOLD.

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