Friday Favorites – Marching Along

Friday Favorites – Marching Along

Happy March! Can you believe 2017 is already 1/6th over? I’m thrilled that it has felt way less Wintery lately, but that’s been accompanied by allergies of doom, which I’m NOT so thrilled by! Any suggestions for great allergy medicatons that won’t knock me out and aren’t a billion dollars?

1. I’ve been needing new sunglasses, and finally picked these up from the Target Dollar Spot!

At first I was a little grumpy because Dollar Spot sunglasses used to be $1 and these were $3, but they’re definitely nicer quality than the old ones, so I’m cool with the price increase. (I’m a terrible sunglasses loser/breaker, so Dollar Spot is where it’s at!)

I have to admit, I was SUPER tempted by these over in the regular sunglasses section!


2. This Mossimo Supply Co jacket. 

I grabbed it on a whim to try on with some other stuff and fell in love. I’m wearing the Medium here, but I think I might actually buy the Large? What do you guys think?

I love that it works just as well  with a floral spring frilly top a with a casual grey tee. (The tops underneath are here and here.)

It’s so lightweight and soft but still has that sort of military style feel.

And it’s only $28!


3. sent the cats this Solid Gold Purrfect Parings cat food.

Tennyson got to be my model for these pics, which I should have thought through better because my phone gets all confused when trying to photograph a black cat against a bright background!

It’s a whipped mousse texture, which is super handy if you need to hide medicine or something in it! I usually give my cats a little bit of coconut oil to help with hairballs, but my mom’s super long furred kitty refuses to eat it. I was able to sneak a pretty good sized blob into a teaspoon of this food and she devoured it! Score!



They also sent me an awesome mug with cookies and chocolates for Valentine’s Day! As if sending kitty food wasn’t already the way to my heart! I definitely recommend joining their influencer program if you’re a pet parent!

4. Orlando City Soccer’s 2nd season starts in just 2 days, and it’s our first one in the new stadium! I hope I can catch at least one game in person this year!


5. As I mentioned in my last Friday Favs, I have a new freelance writing gig writing about hotels. One that I had to research this week was the Taj Boston. Boston has never been high on my “must travel to” list, but oh man, I need to go stay in this hotel. A short list of reasons why:

*Rooms come with a butler.
*And also a fireplace butler to light the fire in your fireplace, after you select wood from a fireplace menu.
*And also a bath butler, to draw your bath. And there’s a bath menu of fancy products. (The rose petal bath that comes with champagne is $85, which is more than a lot of hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, but still!) There’s also a tea bath, because you know, when in Boston….

How do you go back to traveling with fewer than 3 butlers after that? What do you mean I have to fill up my own damn bathtub?

I’m writing about an average of 30 different hotel suites a week right now, so my travel bucket list is growing like crazy! Do you guys want to keep hearing about my favorite from each week? I nerd out over hotels, but I’m not sure if everyone else is a fascinated a I am!


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