Friday Favorites – April Showers

Friday Favorites – April Showers


Happy April, everyone!


1. All of my U2 nerd friends have been freaking out over a new graphic tee at Target that says Shine Like Stars, because Bono occasionally adds an extra verse onto the end of With Or Without You that begins with those words and it’s amazing. (The rest of the lyrics are rarely the same.)

Found a video of it from a show I was actually at a few years ago. I was holding up a “HI EDGE!” sign at the end of this song and he waved at me, thus making it possible for me to die happy.


It’s a whopping $12.99 at Target, or $12.34 if you use a Red Card. I had a $5 Target gift card from MyPoints, so I basically paid seven bucks for a shirt that makes me very happy. YAY.


2. On a whim, I checked out a lakeside park a bit farther from my house than the one I usually go to. It turned out to be an amazing place to watch the sunset from! I somehow managed to take 285 photos of one sunset. I regret nothing.

This one of water attacking my phone while I was trying to get a cool pic makes me laugh and is thus my favorite.


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3. I mentioned last week that the cats absolutely destroyed the bag of food that Chewy sent them, so I wasn’t able to do much of a real review.  Luckily, they also received a case of this Taste of the Wild canned food, and although Sam has thumbs he hasn’t yet figured out how to use them to open cans!

Taste of the Wild chicken salmon venison cat food

Fawn got to be the “model” for this week’s food. She was an enthusiastic participant! Look at that little tongue!

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Cat food from chewy

I know the chunks of meat look huge next to her head, but keep in mind that despite being about a year old now, she’s still about the size of the average burrito, so… perspective. My cats definitely prefer chunky food to pate, so this was a hit! We got the “Rocky Mountain” flavor which has salmon, chicken liver, and roasted venison.  I don’t think they’ve ever had food with venison in it before, but they were all fans. Thumbs up from me (and Sam, who is the only cat with thumbs. Not sure what the others give to show approval?)


4. Wendy Davis fav’d my tweet, and it gave me hope that my glorious vision for the future could really come true.


If only Liz had faved it, too!


5.  I really miss having a Mustang. (I drove them pretty much from the time I was 17 until when I totaled my beloved convertible named Apple on black ice about two years ago.) I stopped by a local dealership to drool over the 2017s, and although I usually go for the silver or dark blue, this black one was just plain sexy for lack of a better description.

On my freelance writer income, I should be able to afford a 2017 Mustang by approximately 2027! 😂

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