Friday Favs – Nevertheless, April.

Friday Favs – Nevertheless, April.


Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been super sick the past couple of days, so I’m just finishing this up on Friday evening. As soon as it’s posted, I’m going back to reading Harry Potter and resting!

Here are my highlights from this week:


1. Almost two months after I donated to Liz Warren’s re-election campaign (that’s a normal thing to do when you live like 1,500 miles from the state she’s senator for, right?), I finally got my bumper sticker in the mail!! SO EXCITED.

Speaking of which…



I actually gasped out loud when I was looking through the graphic tee section of my local Target and spotted this!!¬† I’d suggest checking your local store before buying online, because the ones I saw were varying degrees of what I think was supposed to be purposely distressed? (Mostly ragged collars). Target’s site currently only has XL and XXL, and they run big. (Wearing a medium in the photo and I’m usually L or XL in juniors sizes, which this is supposed to be.)

I didn’t end up buying this one from Target, because although I’d like to give them the feedback (aka money!) that carrying something so awesome is appreciated, I’ve seen several on Etsy that I REALLY love and would¬† like to support an independent artist even more.


3. I went down to Eureka Springs on Wednesday to enjoy the beautiful weather (it was in the mid 70s!). I did my usual wandering around downtown, but I think I’ve hit the point where I’ve been there so many times in the past couple of years that the novelty is wearing off. I need to see if I can find a new tour or something to do on my next trip! (I’ve written about the Downtown n Underground tour, which is such a fun way to learn the city’s history, and the Crescent Hotel ghost tour, which taught me so much about the hotel’s crazy history. I think the Basin Park Hotel has a ghost tour, too, so maybe that will be next? I wish there were more history tours!)

A few pics from this week’s trip:

Butter infused olive oil at Fresh Harvest tasting room in Eureka Springs

Fresh Harvest Tasting Room is almost always my first stop because I’m addicted to their amazing olive oils. They had almond and pumpkin seed oils, too, this time, but I only had enough $ budgeted for olive oil, so those are definitely on my list for next time!


One of the parking lots downtown is always lined with works by local artists. Loved the juxtaposition of these two, especially against the wooded backdrop!


Spotted in another parking lot.


This staircase is allllll over Instagram, but most people bump the saturation up to crazy levels.

There are tons of staircases downtown (each street is on a totally different elevation), I’d love to see at least one more become a work of art!

Amusing thing that comes with the staircases – addresses that look like they came straight from a Harry Potter book.


I made a friend! This is to illustrate the down side of the staircases; I had to just stand and wait for a few minutes until this guy got tired of sunbathing because he was blocking the way to Main Street. (I didn’t want to go all the way back up the stairs and down a different staircase, and trying to jump over him seemed like it might end in disaster!)


Just random downtown awesomeness.


4. My original plan was to go hike the 4 mile trail around Lake Leatherwood, but I ran into a few obstacles. First, my kitten knocked a space heater on my big toe right before I left the house, creating a huge bruise. Second, I’d planned to start by going counter-clockwise around the lake since I haven’t been that way before (I’ve done the first mile or so going the other direction), but it was flooded in several places and although my hiking shoes are water resistant, the water was deeper than just my feet so I didn’t want to get my socks and jeans soaked. (I almost face planted trying to use a log as a bridge, too, which sealed the deal on not going that direction!)


Started at the green, went down to where that red line ends before giving up on going that way, turned around and went back the other direction to reach the dam that runs across the top (according to the pic) of the lake.

A few pics that I instagrammed (Hover over the first one to get the arrows to appear): the 4th one is taken near the red dot and I’m pointing to the dam that was my destination. I’m not in great shape for this kind of thing, so I was pretty proud of myself for making it out there and back, which wound up being almost 4 miles!


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5. .0000000000000000000……………

^ One of my cats typed that for you guys while I was out of the room, so I’m just going to leave it.

But also, let’s finish the list with my favorite tweet this week:


Happy weekend!

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