Is This the Cutest Cottage in Eureka Springs? A Review of the Mountain Chalet Treehouse at Oak Crest Cottages

Is This the Cutest Cottage in Eureka Springs? A Review of the Mountain Chalet Treehouse at Oak Crest Cottages

After my recent stay at Oak Crest Cottages in Eureka Springs, I couldn’t wait to share this place with you all! I’m pretty sure that I found the absolute cutest cottage in Eureka Springs, but I might have to try a few more just to be sure!


Eureka Springs Treehouses and Cottages

From treehouses to rock cottages to really reasonably priced studio suites, there’s something for everyone. Looking for a romantic Eureka Springs cottage with a fireplace and a Jacuzzi tub? They have three.

I stayed in the Mountain Chalet, a cozy studio-style cabin. When I show you how cute this cottage is, you might assume it was expensive, but it was seriously only about $40 more than staying at one of the budget chain hotels. (You can check current prices and availability here!)

Oak Crest Cottages in Eureka Springs


How Close are Oak Crest Cottages to Downtown Eureka Springs?

The Oak Crest Cottages are located on Highway 62, just three minutes from the Eureka Springs historic district. Each cottage and treehouse has an assigned parking space, so you never have to worry about not having a spot.

The Eureka Springs Trolley has a stop here, so you can leave your car parked at your cottage and hop on board to go explore the historic downtown area. The trolley is just $6 for a whole day, and it has over 100 stops divided between four routes, so you can easily get almost anywhere in town! Click here for a Eureka Springs Trolley Map! Oak Crest Cottages are Tram Stop #107 on the map.

I have to confess that if I was just driving by, this place probably would not have caught my eye – it’s very unassuming from the street. I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the parking area, so here’s what it looks like on Google Maps Street View:

Oak Crest Cottages in Eureka Springs

I love that they have the nice shaded swing near the trolley stop on the left of the photo!

After booking my cottage, I e-mailed the address on the Oak Crest website to ask if I might be able to take photos in some of the other cottages and treehouses, but they never responded so unfortunately I personally only have photos from the outside for now. I’ve pulled up examples of each style that I’ll link to, though, and there are some great guest photos of the rooms and cottages on TripAdvisor!

The buildings pictured above are the original motor lodge, which now offers three studio suites with different themes: 1950s nostalgia, a sort of English Country style in the London Flat, and seaside decor with warm hues in the Carmel Nest. These suites aren’t luxurious but they are do offer a more “home away from home” feeling than a regular hotel. They are the most budget-friendly accommodations at Oak Crest, and even among the least expensive in Eureka Springs, with prices starting at $44/nt plus a $20 cleaning fee that covers your entire stay.

When I visited in March 2022, they were doing contactless check-on, so I was e-mailed a door code a few days after booking. I also got a text that I could reply to when I checked out, which made everything quick and easy! They also sent a handy map of the parking. You can see from the map that my cottage, #9, is one of the most secluded ones!

Property map of Oak Crest Cottages in Eureka Springs

1, 4, and 5 are the studios I discussed above. 6, 7, and 8 are the Rock Cottages, and 10-12 are the Eureka Springs Treehouses – I’ll show you both of those categories below!

Pro Tip! If you’re staying in a vacation rental that you need a code to get in, set a reminder in your phone to pop up around your check-in time.

Ready for what might be the Most Magical Cottage in Eureka Springs?

I reserved the Mountain Chalet, which was perfect for me. At 650 square feet, it was on par with some apartments I’ve lived in! There are two exterior doors (you get keys for both) so I wondered if it was originally two separate rooms?

Mountain Chalet at Oak Crest Cottages - A Magical Cottage in Eureka Springs


Just inside the front door was a bathroom with a large shower, and then straight ahead was the king-size bed!


Cabin in Eureka Springs with fireplace


The “trees” with fairy lights really give this cottage character, and they were super pretty after dark!

Eureka Springs cottage with Jacuzzi and fireplace


Cute cottage with fairy lights

There was also a convenient kitchenette with a microwave, a mini-fridge, and a coffee pot, as well as a nice selection of dishes and handy extras like dish soap and coffee creamer.

kitchenette with microwave and dishes

And now we come to one of the main features I was looking forward to, a jetted tub! Even better, it faced the TV so I was able to watch a movie while enjoying a relaxing soak in the hot water. Perfect way to end a busy travel day! (I’m always amused how many Eureka Springs cabins with hot tubs there are! I guess after a long day of those hills and staircases, everyone wants the same thing!)

Eureka Springs Cabins with Hot Tubs


I was also really excited to have a fireplace in the living area. It just creates such a cozy atmosphere!

Cottages in Eureka Springs with Fireplaces

It was a little too chilly out the night I arrived to relax on the balcony like I’d planned, but even from the window I could tell that the sky is super clear out here and you could see millions of stars.

The next morning was still a little cool, but I couldn’t resist coffee out on the swing while listening to the birds!

Relaxing on the cabin porch


Secluded cottage in Eureka Springs


I posted a full video tour of the Mountain Chalet on Tiktok! I’m also working on a YouTube version, so I’ll update this post once that’s finished.


Planning a Eureka Springs Wedding?

Right next to my cabin was a little chapel that they use for weddings, as well as a little spot with a wedding arch.

Wedding Chapel in Eureka Springs

wedding arch

Rock Cottages in Eureka Springs

Oak Crest Cottages also has three charming little standalone rock cottages, each with a private entrance, a Jacuzzi tub for two, a kitchenette with a microwave and mini-fridge, and a fireplace. They also have a little fenced-in front yard with a garden and benches. I liked that the fencing gives you a little extra privacy while still offering easy access to your own little outdoor space.

I only have a photo from the back – I was so tempted to try to get photos of the cute front gardens but I didn’t want to disturb anyone who might be staying in them. They basically look like a more compact version of my cottage inside, just about half the size and without the fun glowing trees. You can get a peek inside the DeVinery Rock Cottage here, the Napa Rock Cottage here and the Tuscany Dream Rock Cottage here. They are a great choice if you’re looking for a Eureka springs cottage with a Jacuzzi and a fireplace and don’t mind skipping the extra space and cute decor you get with the larger options to save a little money.


Eureka Springs Treehouse Cottages

There are several different Eureka Springs treehouse resorts, and I’m hoping to stay at some of the others on a future trip for comparison! From what I’ve seen online, they range from rustic to super luxurious. Oak Crest offers three treehouse cottages, and again they look quite a bit like mine but they have little bridges leading to their entrances and the bedroom is partially separated from the living area, unlike my studio-style layout. The Winery Chateau Treehouse is my favorite because it has a log bedframe, glowing trees like the ones in my cottage, and a gorgeous natural wood dining table and chairs.

I do want to note that since the treehouses are a little more secluded, they might be more difficult to get to if you have mobility disabilities. The pathways down involve stairs and some steep sections, so these probably aren’t wheelchair friendly.


Pathway to the Treehouses


Arkansas treehouse cabins

I think this is the Abbey Chateau Treehouse


Treehouse cabins in Arkansas

And the Winery Chateau Treehouse


What’s Nearby?

While the cottages aren’t right in the heart of downtown Eureka Springs, most of the city’s popular attractions are just a few minutes away.

    • Thorncrown Chapel: 2 Minute Drive
    • Inspiration Point Overlook: 7 Minute Drive


Overall, I’d definitely recommend checking out Oak Crest Cottages if you’re planning to visit Eureka Springs, especially the Mountain Chalet! I think it’s the best value there – the perfect combination of amenities and a very reasonable price.

Have you stayed at Oak Crest Cottages in Eureka Springs? I’d love to hear your experiences! If you wind up visiting after reading this, please tag me in your social media posts so I can check them out!


Romantic cabins in Eureka Springs