I Bought Target (+ a Bath & Body Works Mini Giveaway!)

I Bought Target (+ a Bath & Body Works Mini Giveaway!)

Do you ever have one of those shopping days where you score so many awesome deals that you want to show them off to everyone like a giant nerd? That’s me today. I stopped by Target after my riding lesson on Friday to grab some coffee & bottled water, and walked out with the entire freaking store. I bought an entire Target.

Okay, maybe not quite the entire store, but it felt like it! It seemed like almost everything that caught my eye was either on clearance for a billion percent off or on sale or had a Cartwheel deal or a combination of the above!

BTW, when I pulled up Target.com to grab images and links for this post, I saw that they have a Presidents Day sale until the 15th going on for 25% off regular priced clothing with the promo code PRES! SQUEE! (Also, this post contains affiliate links, so if you click/buy anything through those, you are totally keeping my cats fed! And feeding my Target addiction. Both important!)

Okay, here’s stuff I bought and loved or tried but didn’t buy!

Target has been carrying a new-ish brand, Knox Rose, and I love almost everything they make.  Their pieces all have a sort of romantic bohemian vibe that’s right up my alley.


I had legit just gotten off a horse at this point, so I’m looking pretty rough!

I loved this peachy gold color and the embellished neckline, but the fabric was pretty sheer, so I passed since I hate having to worry about having the right color bra to wear under such a thin top and I’m also not a fan of layering a cami or anything under something that should feel effortless.


I’m tempted to order this violet-grey one, though, especially while they’re 25% off. (aka $17.24, or $16.38 if I use my Red Card.) It was equally gorgeous but less see-through and I wish now that I’d tried it on, but I guess I can always return it if it doesn’t work out. However…


I think I might like this burgundy embellished tank (same brand) even more! Which one would you get? (This one is $20.)

I also tried on the paisley dress I mentioned in my Friday Favs a couple of weeks ago. I always have to size up due to my chest, so it really needs a belt or something to define my shape a little.


I didn’t buy it at the time because I wanted to wait on a sale (regular price is $23), so I might grab it now with the President’s Day promo code!

Ironically, out of the six items that I tried on, the one that I really loved was the plain grey Mossimo tee that I grabbed to try on under the cute navy/maroon patterned kimono shawl that you can see in the background of the dress pic above. I have plenty of t-shirts, but this one had such a flattering fit that I couldn’t pass it up. I went back to check the price, and found that they were buy one get one free! That led to several minutes of standing in front of a mirror holding other colors up to decide which other shirt to get. I went with the Lively Lilac, since I own almost no purple shirts and it seemed to be the best with my skin tone.

Target Mossimo Supply Co Lively Lilac Crew t-shirt

Target Mossimo tees crew neck

The colors look a little different online, so here’s a shot of my actual shirts. 

I always swing through the lingerie section to see if there’s anything new and awesome. I did a little dance of joy when I saw that instead of the usual 5 for $20 special, the Xhiliration and Gilligan & O’Malley underwear was buy 4, get 2 free. $3.33 each? SOLD! (The buy 4 get 2 free deal is available online, too!)

Okay, this is the part of the blog post where I show you my underwear:


I guess this is the least creepy way to do that?

I couldn’t find them all on Target’s site, but here are the aqua laser cut pair at the top of the pic (LOVE how comfy and seamless those are!!) and the aqua lace trimmed mesh ones in the middle. The leopard ones are this style, but only black, blue and mocha are available online. Also got this blue lace pair which isn’t pictured above because, uh, I’m already wearing them. (TMI?) The other two patterned pairs in the pic don’t appear to be anywhere online. Sad face.


I didn’t buy either of these cute PJ sets, but I loooove them! You get top + shorts for $18!


Also kinda obsessed with this octopus sleep top. Couldn’t find it online. 🙁

Now that I’m horseback riding on a regular basis again, I wanted to look for some cute boot socks to wear under my riding boots, so I hit the sock aisle. Nearly died when I saw the clearance selection there!


Ummmm, yeah, if you can’t quite read the price tag in that photo, those yeti socks, bunny socks, and sloth socks were each 45 cents a pair!!! I will take ALL the cute animal socks at that price! (I actually sent my BFF/heterolifemate Katie the sloth socks for Christmas back in December, so now we have matching socks! She just moved to Poland for her husband’s new job, and you can read about their adventures on her new blog here!)

If you love those and want to be sock twins with me but can’t find them in your local store, the yetis and sloths are available as part of a $6 four pack of socks that also includes super cute lemurs and puffins. I spent ages searching, but couldn’t find the bunnies anywhere online!


I also spotted these Valentine’s Day dinosaur socks, which I HAD to have! (Few things make me happier than dinosaur socks.) They were full price (four whole dollars!), but so worth it! And I really needed boot socks!

You know those coupons that sometimes print with your receipt at checkout? Well, the cash register gods smiled upon me on my last trip, and I somehow ended up with 2 of those coupons that were each good for a free bag of Temptations cat treats. I get some good coupons at the register sometimes, but I don’t think I’ve ever got one that was all “Oh hey, take this free stuff!”, let alone TWO! Let’s just say I had some super happy cats when I got home! (They’re buy 3, get 1 free online, too! Treat yo cats!)

Temptations cat treats


Also grabbed the kitties another “stuff on a string” type of toy – they LOVE these things! It was on sale AND there was an extra 10% off on Cartwheel. Score!

I’m guessing that we all hit that beauty clearance endcap to search for treasures on pretty much every Target trip, right? I just dyed my hair this week, but when you find hair color for $1.76, you grab that stuff up!


All together I spent about $65 (including about $25 on food, ’cause a girl’s gotta eat and literally all of THAT was on sale, too!) and my savings was $27 after all the crazy sales, Cartwheel, and Red Card discount. I usually earn at least one $25 Target gift card a month on Swagbucks, so I used one of those and only paid a little under $40 in “real” money. I deem this trip a huge success!

One other non-target sale heads-up: Fabletics is having an AMAZING Presidents Day sale where you can get an entire outfit for $15 with free shipping! I got this one:

Fabletics Presidents Day Sale

This is my first time ordering from them, and I’m super exited! Check out the sale here! (They have a referral program where you get $10 for every friend who signs up, so it doesn’t take much to earn free clothes!) I didn’t realize when I was first browsing, but each outfit has multiple colors to choose from for the pieces. For example, this one has 15 different colors of pants to choose from! I went with a sort of wine-colored purple color. (Technical term!)

After my Target escapades, I stopped by the Branson Landing to refuel with frozen yogurt at my beloved Orange Leaf, only to discover it’s no longer there! Where am I going to get my rainbow sprinkle fix now?? Anyway, there’s a Bath & Body Works right across fro Orange Leaf, so I drowned my no fro-yo blues in some therapeutic candle sniffing. I didn’t end up buying anything for myself, but I DID pick up a mini body wash and lotion set for YOU!


I don’t know about you guys, but the dreariness of winter is totally getting to me. I loved how bright & sunny this set was, so I’d like to share some sunshine with one of you! Just enter via the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway is open to US only since I’ll be paying to ship the prize. Gotta be at least 18 to enter, void where prohibited, and all that jazz. All entries are optional, so do as many as you like to increase your odds of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway