Friday Favorites – End of July

Friday Favorites – End of July


Happy End of July! I feel like the beginning of July was two years ago. What a weird month.

Here’s what I’m loving this week!


1. After a million years of guest hosting and appearing as a legal expert, my pal Ari FINALLY got his own nightly show!

ABOUT FREAKING TIME! I hope he gets spectacular ratings!


2. Merriam Webster has a cool new feature where  you can see which words were added to the dictionary the year you were born. A few added the year I was born include aerobicize, body double, boombox, camcorder, French manicure, infomercial, sleazebag, spreadsheet, stonewashed, uninstall, unsubscribe, waitstaff, and warm fuzzies.

Yup, camcorder, aerobicize, boombox, and stonewashed. Definitely the 80s! (Amusingly, spellcheck now does not recognize aerobicize as a word.)

Couldn’t resist also checking the year after my birth since I was born in mid-December, and found that 1982 brought us such classics as cyberspace, codependent, barista, couch potato,  face plant, flip off, hard drive, phone sex and G-spot. Um, and also AIDS.

Leave me a few from the year you were born in the comments if you go check it out!


3. So, I originally tweeted this because I thought it was hilarious that the thrift store wanted $12 for a framed jigsaw puzzle…


But the more I look at it, especially that one huge, disgrunted cat, the more I feel like I NEED IT. It’s like his face is saying “I, too, am a tiny fluffy kitten.”


4. I’m still editing photos for my post about the Gaylord Texan Resort, where I stayed the night of my friend’s wedding in Dallas, but I have to go ahead and mention the awesome bath products. (Yes, I swiped them all.)

I rarely like hotel shampoos and such because they usually have heavy fragrances that make me sneeze, but these are amazing. Go book a $300/nt hotel room immediately just for the bath products. 😂

(Speaking of heavy fragrances, I’m writing this post at the library as a break from my actual writing work, and a dude just sat down like 20 feet from me but his cologne is SO STRONG that I feel like there’s a giant invisible cloud of fragrance filling the entire room. Send help and gas masks.)


5. There are so many crazy political stories that I could pick as a favorite this week, but I have to go with the email subject that made me laugh the most while trying to picture the scene:

Oh, 2017, you are crazy-go-nuts and a new level of horrifying every day, but at least you’re amusing.


ICYMI, there’s still one day left to enter last week’s giveaway!


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