Friday Favs – September

Friday Favs – September

Happy Friday, friends!

.I’ve been SO busy with my new job this week that I haven’t had much time for anything else, but I’m excited about all of the fall stuff that’s showing up in stores!

Here’s what I’ve been loving lately!



1. I finally gave in and started playing the Hogwarts Mystery game last week, and of course I’m totally addicted. I am, of course, a Ravenclaw.



If you do play, be sure to connect the game to your Facebook profile. I’d been playing about a week and finally looked up tips online and saw that the game apparently has a huge tendency to randomly reset, so when you open it to continue your game, it instead acts like you’re starting a brand new game. I’m SO glad I read the tip, because I’d just connected my account on Monday morning, and when I opened it again a few hours later, it opened to the character creation screen. I would have been so sad to lose an entire week of progress!

Do any of you guys play? Any fellow Ravenclaws in the house?



2. Speaking of HP, Pottery Barn has a whole new Harry Potter-themed collection, and I need so many of the items in my life ASAP.



Glow in the dark Marauder’s Map pillow? YES PLEASE.

Of course, Pottery Barn gonna Pottery Barn, so everything is super expensive (as in $30 for a pillowcase). And then you get gems like this:


Hello, please admire my $200 beanbag chair. 

(If you scroll down, you learn it’s $139 if you just want the slipcover, $239 if you want the beanbag insert inside. I’m pretty sure you could just buy some nice gold fabric and a regular beanbag chair and make your own for like $50 at the most.)



I tried to make my first PSL of the season pic more interesting with a rad robot background, but I’m still pretty basic. Oh well.


4. Allow me to present the best image I encountered on the internets this week:


Apologies for not knowing the original source.


5. I don’t have a #5 yet and I need to get ready for work, so shoutout in advance to the huge amount of sleep I plan to do when I finally get a day off!

Hope your weekend is lovely!


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