Friday Favs – October s Cold, But At Least There’s Pumpkin Stuff

Friday Favs – October s Cold, But At Least There’s Pumpkin Stuff


Happy Friday, friends! This week’s Friday Favs post is brought to you by the giant Hershey’s Special Dark bar that’s currently giving me life, and the tiny kitten asleep next to me. (She’s like 6 months old now, but still smaller than the aforementioned candy bar. I should probably name her at some point, I know.)


1.  Last weekend I went to Bath & Body Works to use the freebie coupons I got in the mail before they expired. I mentioned to the girl helping me that I had one for hand sanitizer that started in a few days, and that I was totally excited to use it on this pumpkin scented one. (I get excited about stuff.) She taught me something new! There’s a 3 day grace period on these coupons, so you can use them 3 days before the official start date or 3 days after they expire! HOW did I never know this?? (And yes, I picked up some lotions to use for another giveaway next month! YAY!)

2. My cats love when they get to review kitty food. They like it even more when I just assume a bag of cat food is kitty-proof, leave it out on the kitchen counter overnight, and get to find one of them nose-deep into the big hole they managed to tear into it, nom-nom-nomng away. Lesson learned!



I submit Exhibit A to the court.

We got the chicken and salmon flavor, but Chewy carries quite a few different varieties of Stella & Chewy’s raw freeze dried foods for both dogs and cats.

Stella Chewys Freeze Dried Cat food

You’re technically supposed to add water to re-hydrate it, but I my cats preferred it straight from the bag. (The info sys that’s fine, as long as they have plenty of water available to drink.) I kept thinking about how perfect it would be for travel since it’s super lightweight and not messy. My kitty Tennyson is convinced that he’s moments away from starvation about 80% of the time, so I took to giving him two or tree pieces of this to tide him over between meals. Easy peasy!

3. I started watching Bojack Horseman on Netflix and I’ve flown through like 3 seasons in a week.

msnbsea bojack

As a MSNBC nerd, I obviously love the MSNBSea stuff, especially since Keith Olbermann voices the whale host.

4. I didn’t realize until I sat down and tried to write this post that it’s been a ROUGH week. Nothing catastrophic,  nut it’s been cold and rainy (can not deal with – I’m a solar powered person), I’ve felt icky and tired, and it’s been impossible for me NOT to comment on news stories that keep emerging, which has led to some of the worst humans on Twitter saying lovely things to me. (I feel like we all need a month off for self care after the election.) I guess the “fav” here is that at least 2016 is almost over, and there’s no way 2017 can be quite so nuts, right? …RIGHT?

5. I love the Bad Lip Reading videos SO MUCH, so I was super excited when the newest one came out! (Can’t wait to see what they do with the 2nd debate, since it had some, uh, interesting visuals.)

And a bonus that’s not exactly a favorite but I wnted to share anyway… I kinda got sucked into the rabbit hole of looking at bookends on I don’t even *need* bookends. I mean, who has extra space on a bookshelf?? But I kinda want them all.

Which is cuter – llama bookends or cat bookends? Both? I do have a lot of books.

My weekend plans involve hiking if the weather can ever get its act together (there’s a waterfall trail I’ve been wanting to do that should be great after all the rain we’ve had), and hitting a yard sale at the local senior center tomorrow in hopes of scoring cheap old lady dresses that I can alter into something awesome. Yay.

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