Friday Favs – October

Friday Favs – October

Happy Friday, friends! Do you guys ever have those months where you blink and they’re over? That’s pretty much me right now. Where did September go? I guess temperatures in the 90s make it feel like it’s still August?

I had zero writing work last week because the company’s offices were closed for a retreat, but oh man have I been making up for it. I think the most descriptions I’d previously ever written in one day was around 27, but I did 35 on Tuesday. I’m at 110 for this week and still have more to go. Yay, money! But wow I’m tired. As much as I’m looking forward to cuddling my horses tomorrow, I kind of hope it storms so I can come home and nap.

Most of this post has been sitting as a draft for weeks, so let’s get going already!



1. My favorite hand soap is back at Target! It’s rare for me to like any kind of scented product, but this stuff is awesome and only shows up in the fall. Love it!


2. I got about $40 worth of makeup on clearance for $4 last week. Walmart had lots of $8-ish lipsticks marked down to 50 or 25 cents, as well as some NYX eye products. SOLD!

I haven’t tried everything so far, but the Milani lip ink is a big no – I didn’t realize when I grabbed it that it was one of those super drying matte lipsticks designed to stay on all day. The NYX butter lipstick is an odd color and feels kinda gritty. But the other NYX lipstick that was originally less than $4 is pretty good, so that one’s a win! Haven’t tried the other lip gloss or the NYX eyeshadow bases yet, but I’ll report back!

3. I ordered this waterproof bluetooth speaker from Amazon this week, and I really like it! It has a suction cup so I can stick it in the shower, but it also has a clip so I could hook it to one of my belt loops and listen to music while I’m riding or hiking or something.


4. Target has a new store brand called Good & Gather. (I guess it’s basically what used to be Up & Up?) I haven’t tried many of their items yet, but these Cashew Butter & Chocolate Chip fruit and nut bars caught my eye. They’re basically like Larabars – same size, almost the same texture, same limited ingredient list. (They also have a Cashew Cookie flavor where the ingredients are just cashews and dates. Nom.)

It’s already late in the day so I’m just going with 4 items this week instead of 5 in favor of actually posting this on Friday!

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