Friday Favs on a Monday

Friday Favs on a Monday

Happy Monday, Internet Friends!

I somehow have four jobs now (?!), so I’ve practically disappeared from the blog and social media these past few weeks! I’ll figure it out eventually, right? I was supposed to have Friday off and was planning to do my usual Friday Favs, but I wound up doing a thousand things (including work), so I figured Monday is better late than never!

Here area few recent favorites, and I’ll try to catch you up on everything else soon!


1. Back in August,  found a new place offering trail rides in Branson and went out to review it for my blog.I mentioned to them that I might be interested in part time work if something ever came up. Well, that happened a couple of weeks ago, so now I actually get paid to ride through beautiful terrain on awesome horses a few times a week.


Not a bad gig.


2. Fall stuff is everywhere and I am here for it.

The return of Target birds!


Cute bottles at Michael’s. I need to go back and get the black cat one!




Sticking with the fall theme, Chewy sent my cats a 6-pack of Solid Gold Triple Layer Mousse and Shreds with Real Salmon & Pumpkin Wet Cat Food to review for their Chewy Influencer program. Tennyson is my pickiest eater and he LOVED this stuff, so he ended up getting most of them to himself. Each little cup has three layers so your cat gets a variety of flavors and textures in their meal.



4. I’ve started reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I don’t like the play format as much as the original books (I miss being able to get inside the characters’ heads), but it is nice to be back in that world!


I’m going to cut the list short at just 4 things for today. See you again on Friday with a less late Favs post!