Friday Favs – Middle of March

Friday Favs – Middle of March



Happy Friday, friends!


1. I got a raise. 🎉

Out of nowhere, my main writing client sent an email that they’re doubling what they pay me. Whaaaaat? I’d been planning to ask them for a raise because after starting to work on my taxes for this year, I was reminded just how insane tax on self employment income is and that I really needed to raise my rates a bit to make up for how much I have to pay. This winter has been really tough, especially after learning my trail ride job isn’t re-opening as planed, so suddenly making twice what I’m used to from a client is a major cause for celebration!


Given that my car, laptop, and phone are all falling apart, I can’t make up my mind which to replace first, but just knowing that I actually CAN replace those in the near future makes me happy!


2. I missed seeing Fantastic Beasts – Crimes of Grindlewald when it was in the theatre, so you better believe it got rented as soon as it hit Redbox on Tuesday! Y’all… I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

–possible spoilers below this point–

I’m such a Harry Potter nerd that it was SO WEIRD to watch a movie set in that universe and not already know everything that was going to happen. I watched it with my neighbor and was like “Is this what it’s like to watch HP movies when you haven’t read the books??” Especially when he asked if certain characters could be Voldemort’s parents and I realized that the HP movies totally leave out the whole Merope/Tom Riddle Sr. love potion thing. Most of my ??? moments were minor (Why is Dumbledore teaching DADA? He was a transfiguration professor!) but the major one was around Credence’s parents. HOW?? Kendra died and Percival was in Azkaban… I just can’t fathom it. And the reveal about Nagini means that Neville killed a human. UGH.

I’m listing this as a favorite not because it was great (I think I prefer the first one? ) but because it was fun to actually have something to try to figure out when it comes to the wizarding world. I can’t believe I have to wait until at least November 2020 for a new one.



3. When I’m picking out cat food, my general rule is that whichever flavor sounds the least appetizing to me is exactly what my cats are going to love the most. I had the opportunity to choose between the different flavors of Canidae Adore cat food that Chewy offers to review for the Chewy Influencer Program this month, and when I saw there was a Sardine &Mackerel flavor, I knew that was the one my cats would go crazy for.

Not surprisingly since I’m a gold star cat lady – I was totally right.

I’ll spare you a photo, but this cat food actually has chunks of fish that look like chunks of fish, rather than super-processed mush. It’s nice and moist without being watery. In short, my cats basically lost their minds over it. Tennyson LOVES sardines, so I was surprised that he was the one to throw up after eating it for the first time, but was fine with it after that – I think he may have just wolfed that first meal down a little too enthusiastically?

We got the 2.46 oz cans, but they do also offer it in 5.5 oz cans (the sort of standard cat food can size). It is definitely on the pricier side (About $36 for the 24 small cans), so I used it more as a treat or an addition to their dry food than an actual meal.


4. Even though it was cold today, the sun was out and I got to spend some time in the yard with the cats while they “helped” me take product photos for an upcoming review:

I wish it had come out non-blurry, but my Bear is just perfect.


Cutting this short at 4 items this week because it’s already 7 p.m.! Have an awesome weekend!