Friday Favs – Liquid Diet Edition

Friday Favs – Liquid Diet Edition

Happy Friday, friends! I had some pretty major oral surgery two weeks ago, so I haven’t exactly been out and about much to acquire regular favorites. Not being able to chew for over a week is not the most fun thing, so I have a whole new expertise in what to eat when you can’t eat! Sharing a few things that helped me survive today, as well as a few more traditional favs. I’m just saying, I will never, ever take chips and salsa for granted again. Chips! Delicious chips! (I got Mexican food for my “Last Meal” before surgery but I was too nervous to eat much, so the chips and salsa sat around taunting me afterwards until I finally threw them out.)

*This post contains affiliate links because this is the internet and I just went many thousands of dollars into debt to get my teeth fixed. Whee!*



1. I don’t like yogurt, but I was browsing the yogurt aisle for a sippable probiotic to balance out my antibiotics. Didn’t find that, but I did find this vanilla maple Powerful Drink instead. Wasn’t sure if I would like it since it’s Greek yogurt-based, but IT WAS SO GOOD. It’s very thin in consistency, and the flavor gets a big thumbs-up. It has 20g of protein, which was the big selling point for me. Plus it’s only $2, which is totally reasonable. 



chicken and cheese for liquid diet after oral surgery

2. This is going to sound really gross, but trust me. I knew that after a few days of living on smoothie drinks alone, I’d be wanting FOOD really badly. Turned out that happened the day after surgery, so I was glad I had these on hand. 

I got the store brand Great Value organic chicken broth and microwaved a cup full for about 30 seconds, then stirred in a little bit of Frito’s mild cheddar dip, which melted right in. Like I said, I know this sounds horrible but when you’re craving something savory SO MUCH, it really hits the spot. Warm and chickeny and cheesy! I went through three (small) cups in a row once I figured out that it solved my craving for food. Please don’t judge me.

As a side note, Campbell’s Cream of Tomato is also pretty satisfying, but omg after these last couple of weeks if I never see tomato soup again it will be too soon.



3. Okay, so Lindt truffles aren’t exactly liquid, but they do basically melt in your mouth so they’re making the list! The Snickerdoodle truffles ones that are out right now have crunchy little bits of cookie embedded in the outer chocolate layer so they’re not entirely sore mouth friendly, but they’re so yummy! The milk/white chocolate combo ones are also totally magical. 


4. Ok, on to non-food things! I spotted this mug at Target the other day and knew that it must be mine:


5. And I wasn’t planning to buy any new Christmas ornaments this year, but I saw this guy in the Dollar Spot and that totally went out the window. I wish there had been a black one, too, but c’est la vie. (I don’t think kitty here is on the Target website, but he’s $3!)



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