Friday Favs – It’s December!

Friday Favs – It’s December!


I can’t believe it’s December! Hooray for my birthday month! Here are my favs for this week:

Serial Podcast




1. I know that I’m like a year behind the rest of the world, but I finally listened to Serial podcast over the past few days and am now reading through all of the updates that have happened since it ended on their site. SO ADDICTING! I need some people to discuss theories with ASAP!

2. My local thrift shop has a bag sale at the beginning of every month, and I scored some fantastic stuff this time! I got like fifty-something items for $5. Included with that was a charcoal colored Old Navy fleece vest, two purses that I’d best describe as kinda Southwestern-style?, a really unique wooden beaded bag, a cute Banana Republic top, and a whole lot of clothing items that I’m going to want to alter before wearing. (My to-sew pile is OUT OF CONTROL.) Do you guys want some kind of thrift store haul post? Just lmk if you’re interested!

3. I can’t even remember how I came across these nausea bands on Twitter (Twitter is a black hole for me in the same way that Wikipedia is for most people. You know how you look up one thing and next thing you know it’s 4 am and you’re reading about the life cycle of the honeybee or the history of Argentina something?) Anyway, I contacted the company (No Mo Nausea) ASAP because nausea is something I deal with way too frequently, and they were kind enough to send me some free bands to try! (This was way back in June, btw! I wanted to have plenty of experience before I shared!)
no-mo nausea

They look a lot like those rubbery wristbands that you wear to support various causes, but they have a little rubbery bump designed to hit the acupressure point on your wrist that helps with nausea. They’re also lightly peppermint scented, since peppermint is a popular aromatherapy for upset stomach.


anti-nausea wristbands

I’ve been using these on and off since June, and they really do work! I’ve tried to make a point of slipping one on when I first start feeling icky, and that usually helps it fade away pretty quickly. The bands last quite a while, too. I think the first one I use made it about 3-4 months before it got weak from frequently being stretched over my big wrists and finally snapped. They’re definitely worth a try at $12 for a pack of 2 if you’re prone to nausea, are going through morning sickness, etc and want a natural remedy. (And nope, they’re not paying me to post about them or anything!)

4. It’s been 3 weeks since I announced this new blog, and I’m pretty excited that it already has almost 1400 page views! I know that’s a slow *day* (let alone several weeks!) for a lot of bloggers, but given that I haven’t had a ton of time to devote to it yet, I’m pretty pleased!

5. I joined in Jordyn’s Blogger Secret Santa this year, and I’m having a blast shopping for my recipient! (What’s the term for that? My gift getter?) The awesome thing about it being all bloggers is that we can totally put our social media stalking skills to good use for once to figure out what to buy!

As a final note, I am SO close to hitting 500 followers on Pintertest! I’d love if you’d visit my boards and consider following any (or all) that you like!

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