Friday Favs -Goodbye, July

Friday Favs -Goodbye, July


Happy Friday, friends! I’m late finishing this up (it’s almost 10 pm. on Friday, eep!) so I’m just jumping straight to my favorite things this week!

1. If ever a shirt was made for me, it’s this one:

Fount it at Kohls – it’s available online here and on sale for $10! They’re junior sizes but I’m broad shouldered and booby and the Large worked for me, so it’s not the usual teeny tiny juniors sizes.


2. Speaking of the meowers, they’ve been hard at work reviewing food sent to us by for their Chewy

Influencer Program. This week, they tried out the Victor Turkey & Salmon Dinner Canned Cat Food. I’d never heard of this brand before, but the can says they’ve been around since 1950. We got a 24-pack and most of the cats were fans. This is a pate, but it’s a little more moist than your average pate, which I think contributed to the cats liking it.



3. I spotted these on my last trip to the good Target in Springfield and grabbed them on a whim. I love Sweet Earth but it’s really hard to make a good frozen quesadilla. These are SO GOOD, though! The “meat” is vegan, but the quesadillas contain cheese so they’re actually just vegetarian. I made them on the stove instead of in the microwave, which I think made a big difference. (The package says they take 5 minutes but I definitely spent at least 10.) There are 4 other varieties but they all contain ingredients that just don’t appeal to me (SUPER bummed about the mushrooms in the Tuscan one!) I’m guessing they must be new? I’ve definitely never seen them before now, and I pay close attention to the healthy frozen stuff section.


4. When I got home from my thrift shop job last weekend, I set a bag of clothes I’d scored at work that day down for ONE SECOND and this happened:


This is why I can’t have nice things.


5. Best tweets this week:



Have a fantastic weekend!


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