Friday Favs – First Favs of December

Friday Favs – First Favs of December


Yikes, how long has it even been since I last posted? These last few weeks have been so busy! I seem to have a cold for the first time in years, so I almost missed posting today, too (I basically face planted in bed after running errands earlier), but I’ve rallied long enough to put a post together!

Here’s what I’ve been loving recently!


  1. Even though it’s been pretty cold lately, there’s been at least one decent 60-ish day each week, and those are giving me life! I try to plan my riding lessons around them to avoid getting frostbite. 😂 This week the warm day maxed out around the mid-5os, but it was still sunny enough to take Folklore for a leisurely graze after our ride.


BTW, people seem to think I’m exaggerating when I say his back is as tall as I am. (I’m 5’10 1/2″, so that’s pretty far up off the ground to be hanging out!) But, behold:


He stumbled when we were trotting over poles this week, and I was like “Well, this is how I die.” 😂

I am super excited to horse-sit while my trainer goes out of town later this month. I get to cuddle the boy every day! It’s been like 15 years since I’ve owned a horse, so daily cuddles are a big deal. I’m also a little nervous about keeping 6 horses alive for a week,  but mostly excited!


2. Chewy sent my meows these cute Holiday Dinner Temptations Treats. I wanted to snap a pic for the blog before we started using them, but Lin-Meow Purranda thought he should definitely be included in that process:


The XL container is awesome if you’re a cat lady with multiple cats, and it’s designed to keep them fresh since even with a bunch of kitties, it takes a while to go through 16 oz! (Of course, I assumed it was safe since it clicked closed, but they still managed to knock it off the counter, get the lid off, and eat like 1/4 of the container while I was out working one day. Cats, yo.)


3. Finally got my Christmas season Target bird today!

Honorable mention:  I almost bought this little guy, but ultimately decided not to.


4. The furnace/AC in my house doesn’t work, so I just have a space heater, which suuuuuucks when the temperatures get as cold as they’ve been. I finally got an electric blanket at Walmart for like $20 today, and it’s already my new BFF. The fact that the warmth stays right around my body instead of floating off to to the rest of the room makes it 100x better than my little heater (which was, at least, better than nothing, but still!). Heated blankets seem to be so much harder to find than they used to be! The $20 one I got is almost $40 on Amazon, and shows up as “only in stores” on I know that there are safety issues, but gheez, internet stores, freezing to death is also a safety issue. Let the people order their warm blankets!

Semi-related: This is how we’ve been chilling lately:


5.Way back in March, I had one of those “omg I am so sick of writing and just want to like, put things on shelves” days and put in some applications for part time retail work. I *just* heard back from a local thrift shop that raises $ for charity last month, and I’ve picked up working there on the weekends. The pay is basically next to nothing, but it’s  a fun break from writing 24/7, and it’s nice to at least have the income as back-up for those random weeks when  writing work is scarce. I haven’t worked a “normal person job” since 2010, so I wasn’t even sure I’d survive an 8-hour work day, but so far so good. Plus, if I ever want to apply for merchandise at Disney World again, I now have retail experience.

I get to bounce around a lot, which I like – stocking Christmas stuff, sorting through clothing donations (the pile of those looks like Everest), covering the cashier’s breaks. I’ve brought home WAY too much stuff, but that’s part of the fun. I really need to post some of the fun/weird stuff I’ve found – you really never know what people are going to drop off! While sorting clothing donations last week, I went from a bag of old, stained t-shirts (eww) to a bag of brand new looking J Crew and other nice brand clothes.  It’s an adventure!


I’m heading to bed early in hopes of knocking this cold down a peg or two since I’m supposed to work all weekend! Fingers crossed!


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