Friday Favs -February

Friday Favs -February



1. I was watching a vlog this weekend where someone mentioned Battleship, and suddenly I needed to play it immediately. I lost a good 3 hours of my day to  After several days of playing games between writing projects, I figured out the computer opponent’s strategy, which took a lot of the fun out of it.  I’d like to find one where I can play against random other people instead of just the computer, but I haven’t put that much effort into searching yet.


2. I feel like this photo of what I woke up to one morning this week is the only review you need of the Wellness Core Simply Shreds that Chewy sent us as part of their influencer program:

We had three pouches left from the 12-pack, and I had them stashed in the kitchen cabinet. One of my tiny evil geniuses understood what the pouch meant, stole it, and… yeah. I need to invest in a frickin’ safe to keep food and treats safe from these guys! (Thankfully nobody got sick, so I don’t think any of the packaging was ingested!) These only contain fish, fish broth, and water, so they’re a fun supplement to your kitty’s regular food that offers a boost of protein!


3. It got up to 60 degrees yesterday afternoon, so my Bear cat and I went out in the back yard and I tossed acorns and sticks for him to chase. It makes him SO HAPPY when I go outside with him, he acts like a kitten despite being almost six. Getting to feel sunshine didn’t hurt, either.


4. They’re not all great, but this list of 61 Hilarious Times People Got Caught Lying on the Internet is a solid way to procrastinate whatever you’re supposed to be doing for a few minutes.


5. Folklore was SO flippin’ cute at our lesson last week. We were just trotting over ground poles but he got so excited about doing something different that he turned into an excited little kid. He kept wanting to charge at the poles as if they were 5 foot jumps, and even threw in a few little hops instead of just plain trotting over.

I couldn’t resist making a little slow-mo video from one of his hops! (The first time through it’s normal speed, and that’s his slow trot he’s doing.)



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According to our Groundhog overlord, there are still five more weeks of winter. Stupid groundhog. Stupid winter. Today is in the 50s, but the forecast calls for freezing rain tomorrow. NOT cool, since Saturday is the day I work my thrift shop job! Hope your weekend is warmer!


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