Friday Favs – End of October

Friday Favs – End of October


Happy Friday, friends! (Assuming I manage to get this up on Friday. I’m currently sitting in my local McDonalds attempting to use the wifi because my home internet is down and I’m out of high speed data on my phone, so trying to troubleshoot it was taking an eternity!)

October feels like it flew by! Probably because I was trying to keep up with all the jobs and all the personal stuff, but somehow we’re here with just a few days to go! I’m really hoping to hold on to nice temps for at least a few more weeks! (The high was only about 50 today, but it’s supposed to be 70 the next couple of days.)

Here’s what I’ve been loving lately! Since I haven’t had time to blog much lately, I have another “Fall Favorites” post coming soon so I can fit a bit more in this month!



1. I usually buy the White Tea Venus razors because they’re somehow the cheapest scent for that brand. I randomly decided to try the Vanilla scent this time, and I LOVE IT. It feels so much smoother than the other kind. I’m a convert!


2. I’ve been wanting to switch to a nice-smelling laundry detergent now that I seem to be losing my fragrance allergies, but I haven’t wanted to drop $10-15 on a new detergent only to hate it. Enter our favorite hero, Target!


I’ve been looking everywhere for mini detergents so I could try new ones, and OF COURSE Super Target has them! I do wish they offered more variety (There were these two plus a Ms Meyer’s that was like $4 for 4 washes worth… pass!), but I was excited to finally find any at all! I got the Method one, so I’ll report back about how it is!


3. Since I participate in Chewy’s Influencer program, I usually have kitty food to list among the month’s favorites, but this week my actual favorite thing is this pair of photos of Bear instead, because my cats didn’t end up liking the food much:


The food (it’s Castor & Pollux Pristine Grain-Free Wild-Caught Whitefish Recipe) does seem to have a kind of spongy texture, so I’m not sure if that’s why most of them didn’t like it? The cats usally love anything with fish, and this one features wild-caught, sustainable tuna so I expected them to love it. Can’t win ’em all, I guess? We get food and treats to review in exchange for honest opinions, but all I can really offer on this one is that the cats just seemed to decide it wasn’t for them. (They LOVED the other food we got this month, so more about that soon!)


4. I saw this on Instagram…


and was delighted to discover that this is apparently a popular phenomenom!


30+ Knock-Off Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Even Trying to Hide Their Shamelessness


I’m going to cut this week’s post short at just 4 things because dealing with Centurylink’s online support chat is (yet again) draining the life out of me. I’m moments away from telling the tech support person that I miss my home and my cats and would appreciate if they’d just give me the info I asked for without taking a million years. So close.

Hope your weekend is great! I’m hoping to take advantage of the warmth by hitting a frisbee golf course before work on Sunday (I’ve played all of once now, so I’m basically an expert). I’ll try to write more about that next time!


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