Friday Favs – Birthday Edition!

Friday Favs – Birthday Edition!

it-s-friday-it-s-my-birthdayBirthday Cat



Oh, internet. Thank you for glorious art like this.

1. It’s my birthday! WOOHOO! I’ll just copy what I posted to Facebook, because it’s my birthday and I can get away with being lazy.


2. I met this chameleon at PetSmart the other day and fell in love. I seriously stood there watching him do his weird version of The Robot/that “mime in a box” thing for a good 10 minutes. I think he’s my soulmate.


3. Serial is back! How crazy is it that I just blogged about finally listening to season 1 last week, and then season 2 started this week? (Thanks so much to Meg of My Monochromatic Life for telling me about the Undisclosed podcast in the comments last week, btw! I’m only up to episode 9, but there have been so many “OMG, this changes everything!” moments!)

4. I couldn’t resist stopping to have my cards read while I was browsing the awesome nerdy/new-agey bookstore in Springfield this week. I’m not sure how much I believe in this kind of thing in general, but almost every card that came up had something to do with being in transition between an old life and new, which is *exactly* where I am stuck. I’m so ready to let go of where I am now and move back to Florida and start fresh, but getting the timing right seems to be a thing.

Real or not, the woman doing the reading said pretty much exactly what I needed to hear right now.


But, like.. for realsies, I got this exact card.


5. On a search for ugly Christmas sweaters, I came across this one by Blizzard Bay, and um, hello, not only is it not ugly, but a) it’s freaking adorable and b) the bird’s little skis (ice skates?) LIGHT UP. I need this in my life ASAP. C’mon, Santa! I’ve been… well, decent this year!


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