Friday Favs – Where did April Go?

Friday Favs – Where did April Go?

HOW is it already May? April seems like it flew by, and I’ve hardly blogged at all in the past month! Eep! Let’s catch up a little with some Friday Favs!


1. My absolute #1 favorite thing this on this week’s list? The strangers who brought me gas when I was stranded at the side of the road last week.

I was on my way to ride horses with a friend. I’d been too tired after my ride that morning (Yeah, busy day!) to stop for gas on the way home, so I’d already gone pretty far with the gas light on. I’d planned to stop at the closest gas station to my house, but I guess I was totally lost in thought and zipped right past it, as well as past the next one. OOPS. I had the “OMG, I forgot to get gas!” realization about 30 seconds before my car decided that accelerating was no no longer a thing it did. I’m pretty sure I actually swore out loud when I glanced down and saw that I’d driven 60 miles with the gas light on (I know it can usually go about 50 after the low fuel message comes up), and then yelled “NOOOOOOOOOO” as I slowly eased off the road.


My view for a really long time.

Long story short, I stood out by the road holding my notebook, on which I’d scribbled “GAS?” in marker… for about 30 seconds. I was right by the Branson theme park Silver Dollar City, so there was quite a bit of traffic, but the whole “stranger danger” thing was just too freaky so I gave up on that plan pretty fast! Got back in my car, eventually got in touch with a roadside service place, and had been waiting for them for about 10 minutes when some random people pulled up and asked if I still needed gas. I told them I had someone on the way, and they replied that they’d run up to the gas station and had a couple of gallons for me. WHAAAT? They figured I wouldn’t want to ride with them, so they decided to just grab a container of gas and bring it to me if I was still there when they got back. SO NICE! I tried to give them the few dollars of actual cash I had in my purse, but they refused. How awesome are those people??

2. The awesome folks at sent my cats a box full of Natural Balance Delectable Delights cat food! Every time I see this food in a pet supply store, I giggle over the super cute names for the flavors. (like Catatouille!) We got the Land ‘n Sea Cats-serole, which is a tuna and chicken flavor combo. My cats love when they get to “review” food and treats!


“This looks like it’s probably for me.”

I tried to get a pic of Tennyson eating, but black cats are so freaking hard to photograph that he had almost all of his food gone by the time I got a decent pic! This food was a big hit with all of the cats, even though they tend to prefer chunky foods to pate. I definitely need to pick up some of the other flavors for them to try!


3. I’m such a nerd – I’m SUPER excited about my new matching hoofpick and brush. I love buying horse grooming supplies, because a) I use them a lot and b) they’re generally pretty cheap, so I can get something new and fun that’s not a bazillion dollar saddle or something. I think I spent about 10 bucks to get both of these from Amazon, and they’ll last for ages!


I’ve only used them once so far, but I’m in love. The curve of the pick is just right for getting all the funky stuff out of a horse’s hooves, and the brush is acutally designed to bend around curves, so you can brush areas like legs SO much better! Grooming horses just plain makes me happy. I can easily get lost in what I’m doing and spend close to an hour brushing a horse before I realize I’m supposed to be riding!

4. Remember the “Coffee is my BFF” sweatshirt/shorts combo I got at Target a while back?

Target Snooze Button coffee is my bff sleepwear set

It’s technically sleepwear, but I’ve worn the top as a regular shirt a few times. You guys – I get comments/compliments on it EVERY time! I hardly ever get comments on what I’m wearing, but for some reason people can’t resist saying something about this top. And of course I admit that it’s from the Target PJ section, like a big dork. I think I’m going to order the cute mint green “Late Nights, Black Coffee” set from the same brand! Under $18 for a comfy top & shorts is so worth it!

Oh, fine, I’m sticking it in my Target cart now. (AHH! Just discovered there’s also a “Coffee is my BFF” t-shirt and shorts set when I searched for the one I wanted. I think I still like mine more, but this one is pretty cute!)


A photo posted by Crystal Ward (@crystalward11) on

These socks are the next thing on my Target wishlist!!

5. I found this song randomly on Spotify and have listened to it countless times this week!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! I’ll be assisting with a horse camp at Webb Riding Academy tomorrow; 5 hours of teaching 8-12 year olds about horses! I’ll fill you guys in on how it goes on Monday! And the Show Us Your Books linkup is coming up on Tuesday! Yay!

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