Friday Favs

Friday Favs


Happy Friday Night! I meant to finish this post up this morning, but it’s been a busy day so instead it’s going up just before midnight. I just got home from watching movies at my neighbor’s house, and it is COLD out there. The low tonight is supposed to be 20! I’d like to go back to the 50s/60s kind of fall, please!

Here’s what I’m digging lately:


1. My Friday Favs posts could basically be called “Ode to the Target Clearance Section”, especially this one. It wasn’t intentional, I just had a REALLY good shopping trip this week.



I found this soap on an end cap in the health/beauty section, marked down by like 25% because apparently all fall things went on clearance after Halloween, even though we still have almost 2 weeks until that OTHER fall holiday. Whatever, a win for me! This stuff smells incredible. They also had apple cider scented dish soap, but scented dish product just freak me out. My hands smelling like apple cider gets a huge thumbs up, though. (This was like $3 with the markdown!)


2. You know you’re getting old when you get really excited about cleaning products. I can’t stand harsh chemical scents, but I really needed something disinfecting for cleaning. I decided to try out this Lysol spray cleaner that’s made with peroxide instead of bleach, and y’all – it’s a winner.


It still smells kinda gross and cleaner-y, but nowhere near as bad as most do, and it cleans like a boss.

(I found it on Target’s website, but I think it’s available in most stores where you’d buy cleaning products, too.)


3. Remember this gift bag that I mentioned a few weeks ago?


When I hit up the Halloween clearance, I was fully prepared to buy a few at 70% off just because I love the design so much. But you guys. Things went SO MUCH BETTER THAN EXPECTED.



This cozy throw blanket in the EXACT SAME PRINT was on clearance for $5! I got the last one on the shelf and I’m just so happy about it. (It’s still available online for $6.99)


4. This month, the cats got to review a new brand of cat food for the Chewy Influencer Program! They sent us a complimentary 12-pack of Miko grain-free cat food in Chicken & Seafood flavors. The variety pack had 3 cans each of 4 different flavors, and my cats LOVED them. There’s a good amount of broth in each can, plus big chunks and shreds of meat.


5. Cold weather = soup season at Casa Crystal, and I definitely prefer eating soup out of big mugs instead of bowls. No idea why, that’s just how I roll. I picked up a new one at (you guessed it!) Target and got to try it out tonight – it’s perfect!


That’s it for me today! Hope things are a little warmer where you are and that your weekend is full of awesomeness.


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