Friday Favs

Friday Favs


Happy Friday, everyone! Let’s talk Favorite Things this week!

1. I didn’t have time to do a Friday Favs post last week, so we’re opening today’s post with this GIF from the opening of the DNC:



2. I spotted these at WalMart earlier this week, and got super excited:


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I loooooove this style of pen, especially for my bullet journal, but they’re usually pretty expensive. (A 12-pack of the regular colors is $12!) I’ve already nerded out writing my daily to-do lists in all kinds of summery colors!

3. I tried this dress on at Target way back in February, but just didn’t have the spare $ at the time…


I am terrible at dressing room pics.

But I found it new with tags at Goodwill this week! Pro tip: Did you know that Goodwill gets Target’s clearance stuff after a while? They must have just gotten a shipment the day I was there – TONS of Merona and Mossimo stuff with tags still on, but way cheaper than clearance ever was. (My dress was originally $23, I paid $6!)

4. Stopped n Bath & Body Works this week to use some coupons, and ended up finding my absolute favorite new hand sanitizers!

5. A publisher that I’ve worked with for reviews/giveaways before sent me some of their newest books, including this awesome dot-to-dot book for adults:

I didn’t expect to be that into it, but uh, I’ve already done 14 of them in like 3 days. SO ADDICTING! And yes, I get to do a giveaway soon where this book is one of the prize options – yay! I seriously might have to buy a bunch more ASAP, though, because I’m in love.

I slept for SIXTEEN HOURS yesterday (I think I was on the verge of getting sick, so my body just took a day off instead?), so I’ll be working like crazy today to try to make up for it! My current goal is to move back to FL by the end of September, so I need to stay focused if I want to have the $ needed to do it! (Or, you know, win the lottery. I’m totally open to that option, too!)

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