Friday Favorites – October!

Friday Favorites – October!


October is kind of the best, am I right? The crazy summer heat is gone, but it’s not yet chilly. Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. And there’s Halloween stuff out the wazoo. Best month ever? It’s possible.

My plans are packed with all kinds of Autumnal stuff over the next few weeks – going to Silver Dollar City’s National Crafts & Cowboy Festival next week, fitting in as much hiking as possible before it gets cold, and then heading back down to Eureka Springs sometime the week after to catch a couple of events, including (hopefully, if I can make it work with my schedule!) stories of past residents told in the cemetery. 👻

Here’s what I’ve been into this week!

1. This collection of images of protesters getting trolled is delightful.



2. I stumbled across the airBOSS Closet Odor Eliminator in the closet organization aisle at Walmart, and I’m a huge fan. Pretty much any kind of air freshener makes me sneeze, but this is charcoal-based and has ZERO smell at all. I’ve been keeping one next to the litter box, and it does a great job of soaking up odors. Walmart’s website has it for under $5, but I feel like it’s actually even lower than that at my local store – like maybe $4? I opened it over a month ago and it’s only about half gone (it kinda deteriorates over time).


WEN replenishing mist

3. WEN sent me some of their summer line of hair care products way back in the summer, but since I’ve been behind on life in general for actual months, I’ve just recently had the chance to really check them out. My absolute fav is this Cucumber Aloe Replenishing Treatment Mist spray. You can spritz it on wet or dry hair for extra moisture, and it definitely makes my hair feel softer. You guys know I can be sensitive to fragrances – it’s really hit or miss if something is going to be fine or make me sneeze all day – but luckily this one has a pretty light scent so I’ve been able to use it without problems. YAY! (I just discovered when going to their website to grab the link that they sell a fragrance-free version of their original conditioning cleanser. I need to check that out! Any beauty product company that offers a fragrance free option is automatically my new BFF.)

They have some awesome sounding Fall scents now like Vanilla White Pumpkin, Tuscan Pear, and Apple Spice that I really want to try out in hopes that I have as good of luck with those ass I did with the spray, and I’m working on a giveaway so that you guys can try some products, too!


4. As usual, has been spoiling my cats rotten with food and extra fun clubhouses:

Nothing good ever comes from this look.


My little kitty crew is not that picky (except Tennyson, who has declared himself entirely too delicate for dry food. Or most pate. Or anything turkey flavored. Or…) but this week’s Chewy Influencer review item was a serious crowd favorite.


First, I’m always a fan of food that comes in little pouches because they at least feel like less waste than big containers (My recycling bags fill up SO FAST.) and it’s easy to squeeze all of the food out. These Wellness Core Simply Shreds are meant to be used as a sort of “side dish”. You can use it to top dry food or serve it as a treat.


One thing I love about this food: it has a lot of liquid and a pretty strong fish smell, which makes it ideal to have on hand if your cat comes down with the sniffles or generally isn’t feeling great. Usually when cats are congested they don’t want to eat, so stronger smelling food can tempt their palate, and I’ve always found liquidy food seems to be more appealing if they don’t feel like eating, too.

My other favorite thing about these is that there are literally four ingredients: Chicken, mackerel, fish broth, and water. No crazy multi-syllabic ingredients you can’t pronounce. Just protein-rich goodness.

Pro tip: Don’t leave the empty pouch sitting around while you get distracted by something else. Your fluffy friends will steal it and make it their life mission to tear it apart to reach any last drops that might be hiding inside.


5. You are more than welcome to judge me, but I have really been enjoying these lately:

I’ve bought the big jugs (dirty!) in past years but they never tasted quite right.  The new single serve ones that came out this year are pretty acceptable, though. They’re not as delightful as a freshly-made PSL, but they’re also $2, so…


As often happens, I’m finishing up today’s post from the library when I’m supposed to be working. (Good thing my boss is me.) Also as usual, I’m feeling totally overwhelmed with all of the things I need to get done ASAP. I took last weekend off and wow was that a terrible idea. The break was fantastic but the “Ahhhh, I’m so behind!” feeling that followed it all week doesn’t feel worth it. I think this might be a marathon “Accomplish ALL the things!” weekend so that I can actually enjoy the fun stuff that I have lined up for the coming weeks.

That said, it occurred to me while writing this that I should totally do a post sharing the good, bad, and super weird hotels I’ve come across since I’ve been writing for a suite booking website. Is that a thing you guys would be interested in reading? (I wrote about a gorgeous hotel set in a Victorian country home yesterday… that offers its event rooms funeral services. WHYYYY?)

Go forth and have a fantastic weekend!

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