Friday Favorites – July is Hot!

Friday Favorites – July is Hot!



1. My air conditioner is fixed! I was AC-less for 3 entire weeks after getting back from Florida! I’m usually alwys cold, so I don’t use it much even in summer, but a wave of 90+ degree days with no air was AWFUL!

2. Current Meal Obsession:

Do you ever go through one of those phases where you eat the same thing pretty much every single day? My current thing is Morning Star Farms Black Bean Burger + cheese + fancy bun + pickles + Silver Dollar City Sweet Hickory BBQ sauce. It’s a magical combination of goodness that gives me life. Typing this out made me realize I should probably upgrade the cheese I’m using (store brand cheese food product slices – heh) since everything else is all fancy.

3. Okay, yes, I’m posting two favs about food – This is why you shouldn’t blog while hungry! – But I’ve developed a pretty serious addiction to Triple Double Oreos. triple-double-oreo

Do I want chocolate cream? Or regular? BOTH! And they hold up especially well for dunking. I don’t even want to think about how many packages of these I’ve gone through lately.

Speaking of… has anyone tried the cookie dough kind yet? Contemplating these as my next purchase!


4. TWO of my amigos have just announced that they have books coming out! I’m super excited to read both, even though they make me feel like a failure for not writing a book yet.


Time Spent Falling is a book of poetry by my velvety voiced, amazing haired friend Nick Holmes. He’s an amazing photographer and has a beautiful way with words, so I can’t wait to dive into this book of his poetry. Oh, he was also on Gilmore Girls.

They Can’t Kill Us All – The Story of #blacklivesmatter is by Wesley Lowery, one of my favorite people to ever be arrested in a McDonalds. I got to know him via Twitter when he was covering Ferguson two years ago, and would probably totally hate him for already having a Pulitzer and a book and countless incredible Washington Post articles while still in his mid-20s, but alas, Wes is pretty rad and a crazy hard worker.

5. I just stumbled across this video from over a year ago. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I watch All In with Chrs Hayes (aka bae) every freaking night. I totally remembered when this originally aired – it was the first time I heard about a brand new off-Broadway show called Hamilton. I dunno guys, I think it might be big.


BTW, if you noticed this in the video?

If you add to this derpy photo of me…

I’m tooooootally 1 degree of separation from being in Hamilton.


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