Friday Favorites – It’s July Already?

Friday Favorites – It’s July Already?

I spent most of the latter half of June asking, “Is it July yet?” because I was so looking forward to plans to head down to Dallas for a friend’s wedding and quality time with other people I care about. And now, somehow, I’ve already been back for almost a week and the time has flown by. Most of this week’s hours have been filled with work, which is lovely in the financial sense and not so great in the catching up on blog posts (and life!) end of things.

My brain hasn’t wanted to focus on anything productive all day, so this poor Friday Favs post is going up well after 9 p.m. Better late than never? I’m going with yes on that question.


1. Getting to spend time with incredible people while I was in Dallas has to be #1 this week. I’ve known two of the friends I got to visit since I was about 14, and another since 18. I hadn’t been to Texas in at least a decade, but I feel like I might need to go back in the relative future. Maybe a year? Maybe sooner? Life is weird and unpredictable, so I’m leaving it as a big question mark for now.


2. The meowers were treated to this delicious (their opinion, I didn’t personally try it) Blue Wilderness wet food from this week. The variety pack had chicken, duck, and salmon flavors, which were all a hit.


I often tell Bear that as a bear, he should be off catching salmon from a stream. Canned food made of salmon seems like the next best thing, so he got to be my model this week. Yes, I know, the black cats are impossible to photograph and these photos never turn out great, but Bear deserved that fishy deliciousness.



3. While writing a suite description for work, I made what is arguably the best typo of my life:


4. I came across this statue while wandering around the historic district in Grapevine, TX last Friday and it just struck me for a lot of reasons.


This sculpture in #grapevinetx was everything. 💕

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I just looked it up, and it’s called “Coming Home.”  (info here)


5. This song, discovered via my daily Spotify playlist:



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