Friday Favorites – Happy Almost Halloween!

Friday Favorites – Happy Almost Halloween!


Happy Friday! We’ve ALMOST survived 2016! Wooohoo!

Here are this week’s favorites:


1. The Babysitters Club Club Podcast. Two 30-ish men are discussing the series one book at a time. Need I say more?

2. This picture could be my entire list, really:


3. I usually buy the big bottles of Starbucks vanilla latte, but I took a chance on this Pumpkin Spice coffee this time around, and it’s pretty good! (Especially for $4!) Strangely enough, I don’t really like he bottled Starbucks PSL.


4. I just started reading Essentialism after hearing a ton of recommendations, and I’m already highlighting all the things.

5. There are apartments in downtown Orlando with THIS freaking view:


I’m in love with the idea of living in one, but the rent is like twice what I can afford. Note to self: become independently wealthy.

BTW, just a heads up – I’m switching blog hosts next week because Blue Host handled renewal horribly (They tried to auto-charge me almost $160 for a year of hosting when I was paying $5/mo. LOLNOPE. Moving over to Total Choice Hosting with its $3.95/mo since it’s where I’ve had my old blog since 2004 and I’ve had zero probs.) Anyway, if anything goes funky in the next week or so with the transition, you’ll know what’s up!

Are you guys doing awesome things for Halloween? Tell me about your plans so I can live vicariously through you! I am somehow doing NOTHING this year. I know!! I’ll at least Netflix up some good Halloween movies or something. And buy a bunch of clearance candy and decorations and stuff the day after. I know how to party.

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