First Friday Favs of 2016!

First Friday Favs of 2016!



This is my current Twitter and FB profile pic. I like to go way over the top tacky festive for holidays.

Here are my favorites for this week!

1. My friend Kelly introduced me to the concept of bullet journals, and now I’m obsessed with planning out ALL THE THINGS.  I’m actually running to K-Mart after I get this post finished because there’s a certain notebook that I want for my 2016 bullet journal, and that’s the only place that sells it. Can’t remember the last time I was at K-Mart, but I will bravely embark on the journey in the name of the perfect notebook!


2. THIS BAG! You guys, if there’s a Dollar General near you, GO. These reuseable Star Wars shopping bags are A DOLLAR. There’s also one with an Episode 1 design, but screw that, I wanted the original trilogy bag. This is easily the best dollar I’ve spent in ages!

3. Here’s this week’s total Cat Lady moment!


Yes, my cats have stockings. The little name tag thing on this is actually a collar that I made for Bear when he was a tiny kitten! The red fabric is a scrap from a dress I was sewing at the time, and then I embroidered his name onto some white fabric. CAT LADY ALERT!

The cats always get tasty treats and toys for Christmas, and this year was awesome enough to send me two boxes of the Wilderness Tasty Toppers Wild Cuts from Blue Buffalo, so each cat got their very own package! (With plenty to spare for later use!) These are meant to be added on top of dry food to make it more exciting, or served as a snack. You can find ’em here! (They’re on sale!)

BTW, for my fellow bloggers who have cats – do they find a way to sneak into EVERY PHOTO YOU TAKE EVER?



Impending Photobomb!


Hey! You’re not Bear! At least steal stuff from your own stocking! (Right after I snapped this pic, he grabbed that feather toy and ran. Cats, man.)

4. All of our Bloglovin/RSS feeds are overflowing with so many “2015 in retrospect” posts that it would takeuntil 2019 to read them all, but I really liked Megan Starr’s take on an end of year wrap-up post, which she did by telling the stories of her favorite drinks this year.

5. Best Buy had the ENTIRE SERIES of Daria on DVD for $10 this week, so as a good 90s teenager, I snapped that up ASAP! It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I’ll be spending the weekend reliving my high school years, minus that icky “high school” part. YAY.

That’s it for this week! How is your year so far?

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