First February Friday Favs

First February Friday Favs

Happy Friday, friends! I couldn’t resist the post title tongue twister.



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It me.

It’s supposed to be in the low 60s all weekend and into the early part of next week and I am so here for it! Since I’m only self employed right now (as opposed to that plus three other jobs like I had been juggling since August), I can take a little bit of a break to hike and hopefully ride and generally just enjoy above freezing temps. I wrote over 12,000 words for work in January (imagine if I wrote for one of those magazines that pays $1/word or more!), so my brain could definitely use a couple of days of rest.

(This post contains affiliate links because coffee and cat food are expensive.)


1. I meant to write about this ages ago, but back around October I decided to try out new deodorants. I’ve used a fragrance-free one for AGES, but since my sensitivity to fragrances seems to have let up a bit, I wanted to try something different.


After sniffing pretty much everything in the deodorant aisle, the Schmidt’s Rose + Vanilla was definitely my favorite, but I was a little worried that it wouldn’t actually work (I think most of us have had at least one disappointing experience with a natural deodorant!) so I grabbed the Secret Va Va Vanilla, too, as a backup. That turned out to be unnecessary, because I LOVE the natural one. My armpits smell like roses! I haven’t yet put it to the ultimate test of working with horses on a hot summer day, but it has made it through just about everything else.

As a side note, I’ve used the Secret one a few times, too, and it’s fine, just nowhere near as noteworthy as the Schmidt’s one!

It’s available from Target for $4.69, which if you sk me is a total steal for being able to proclaim, “My underarms smell like roses!”


2. I quoted the book I’m reading, Shit Your Ego Says, in my last post, but I’m about to do so again because I learned something from it that I keep thinking about and sharing with everyone who will listen.

You know how there are types of light that we can’t see? X-rays, gamma rays, UV rays, etc?

If we were to take the entire light spectrum and condense it to the size of the Mississippi River , which flows 2,340 miles from the top of Minnesota into the Gulf of Mexico, the portion that would be visible to the human eye is merely eight inches.


Can you imagine if we could see even 10% of the spectrum of light? And then add in all of the other things buzzing around us that we don’t see – sound waves and radio signals and gases… it’s crazy to think about how unaware we are of much of what’s around us all of the time.


3. I stopped at Tractor Supply Company a couple of weeks ago to pick up some cat food (Their store brands are surprisingly good and super cheap) and to stare lovingly at horse stuff, and ended up picking this cat toy on a whim:



My cats are OBSESSED with this thing. I knew that Scout would claim it, because despite being the smallest she also takes “hunting” the most seriously. (I recently cleaned out under the fridge and chucked cat toys across the room as I got them out. By the time I was done, Scout had collected them all and put them in her box.) It’s especially fun to watch her carry this around because it’s bigger than her head.



Lin-Meow, my evil genius, figured out on DAY ONE how to pull on the tail to make it vibrate while one of the other cats is holding it.

It’s available on Amazon for $3.95, too – SO WORTH IT!


4. I opened Instagram the other day, and then immediately forgot what I had been planning to post there:



I’ve been following this hot vet for over a year, and he just announced that he’s getting a show on Animal Planet! Do I even need to explain why he’s worth following?


5. My last favorite this week is simply the fact that it’s February. That always makes it feel like the end of winter is within sight. My trail ride job is supposed to re-open March 1st, and I can not wait to see my horses again.

Speaking of the end of winter, tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day and that furry little prophesier better say early Spring. Give us a break, little groundhog dude.


Have a great weekend!


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