Fall Friday Favs

Fall Friday Favs


1. I picked up a new nail polish at Target and it’s pretty great. I’ve had mixed luck with Sinful Colors in the past, but this one made it almost a week with no chipping, so I’m a fan! (And it was $2) The color is called “Hush Money”.


2. I had a day this week where I got up and settled into my morning work routine as usual, and then decided NOPE. I need to get outside. So I went to a local hiking trail to take advantage of the beautiful fall day. (I want to fit in as much outdoorsy stuff as possible over the next few weeks before it gets cold!) The area I went to has multiple trails; I’ve done two of the shorter trails before, but this time I decided to add on an extra loop. The total trail I did was only a mile and a half, but OMG, y’all. A mile on flat ground is nothing, but a mile of trail that looks like this?


It was really pretty with all of the fall leaves changing colors…


And  gained a whole new appreciation for just how wonderful old wooden benches are.


And as usual, tree roots are the coolest thing ever. I love how these basically formed stair steps up the hill.


3. This month, Chewy.com sent my furry family a variety pack of Tiki Cat After Dark. I took the cans outside with a few other products that I wanted to photograph, and when I came back to the front porch after photographing something else, Captain Kitten was there yelling at me that he was VERY READY to review these, please and thank you.

“Use your opposable thumbs already, human!”


The cans contain quite a bit of broth, which my cats loved, and they come in unique flavors. (I’ve always thought it’s interesting that all of the cat food you see is turkey, chicken, fish, or beef – never any pork, but here one is!) I expected the Chicken & Quail Egg variety to look like the tuna and egg food I often buy – little specks of egg mixed in, but this had an entire half an egg inside!

I let Bear and Tennyson split this can and attempted to take pics, even though I know taking photos of black cats is basically the hardest thing ever. Outdoor pics will occasionally work, but anything inside? LOLNOPE. This sums up how THAT photo session went:

I’m probably the best photographer ever?


4. I made a VERY quick trip down to Eureka Springs again this week. It as originally supposed to be a leisurely two day trip, but it turned into one of those days where nothing goes as planned. Instead of leaving home around 10 a.m. like I’d planned, I didn’t get on the road until 1, and then my accommodations for the night fell through, so I set off for home around 5:30 to avoid driving the crazy twisty Arkansas roads after dark. Still, the entire trip was worth it just because I discovered a free parking lot. Most parking in town is $5 for 3 hours, but I stumbled upon a lot near the north end of town that’s not only free, but has a trolley stop! I didn’t want to buy trolley tickets for such a quick trip so I just walked and got to see an entire part of the city that I hadn’t explored yet.

It was a 3/4 mile walk to get to the historic downtown area, but thankfully it was like 70 degrees so it was an enjoyable stroll. (The entire city is mountain-y, so like my trail above, walking one mile feels like walking five anywhere else.)

A few pics from along the way:


It was so sad to see that this amazing little cottage doesn’t appear to be taken care of. Like most of the town, it probably dates back to somewhere between 1890-1910, so it broke my heart to see parts of it literally crumbling. Oh, to be wealthy and be able to buy it and restore it and use it as a little escape when I need a break from my everyday routine! I mean, that Juliet balcony is everything!



Almost every business downtown was decorated for Halloween. Very appropriate for a town with so many ghost stories!

This guy isn’t a Halloween decoration, he always lives in this gas lamp-lit alley next to a vintage¬†undertaker’s sign.


5. This post is so long and I still have one spot left?? I guess that I will treat you to these lovely photos of a vintage knitting magazine I found at the library. I aspire to be this cool someday.


“Mom, I booked a magazine cover! This is going to skyrocket my career!”

“It was the most stylish threesome ever.”

This is what we did for fun before the internet, kids.


Happy Weekend!


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