Christmas Favorites

Christmas Favorites

Merry Monday After Christmas, everyone!

Embedded image permalinkUm, heck yeah I’m reusing this pic I took for Halloween!

Woohoo, we all survived the holiday weekend! I spent Christmas with my mom, two of my sisters, and a whole lot of cats. This weekend involved lots of reading in bed to avoid the crazy pouring rain, and more crying at the Disney World commercials that ran during the Disney Christmas parade than I care to admit to. (I MISS HOME! And I miss working for Disney and making magic! And I miss 75 degree winters!)

Since I didn’t do a Friday Favs post last week, I thought I’d start this week off with my Christmas favs from this year!

Favorite Gift I bought For Myself:Embedded image permalink


These Yeti socks from Target were on clearance for $3.50. There was an extra 20% off clearance clothing promo code (EXTRA20 – It’s still valid! Go shop!), and I got the bonus 5% off with my red card, so awesome socks for $2.66 plus tax. SCORE!

Favorite Present Given:


My cats love “thing on a string on a stick” type toys, so I knew this would be a winner! I expected the feathery attachment to be the favorite, but they actually prefer the one on the left. (or “the Muppety one”, as I like to call it.) You can find it at PetSmart or online here!

Favorite Christmas-y Scent:

Bath Body Works Tis the Season

I have two of Bath & Body Works’s “Tis the Season” mini candles. They’re from different years, thus the different designs. I kept he silver and red one in my box of Christmas decorations all year, so since it doesn’t have a lid, I got a huge rush of scent as soon as I opened the box. LOVE! Definitely doing the same thing when I pack everything up again this year.

Favorite Christmas-ish Drink:


A couple of weeks ago, I went to Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO theme park) for the first time in like a decade. Other than seeing all of the pretty Christmas stuff, my #1 mission was to get some wassail mix. I’m pretty sure it’s just like 90% sugar with a pinch of fruit and spice flavors thrown in, but I don’t care. IT IS SO GOOD. (I have a post about Silver Dollar City’s Christmas festival in the works, hope to have it up in the next few days!)

Favorite Way to Survive A Family Holiday Weekend:

Embedded image permalink

$5 worth of mini bottles at my fav liquor store (Macadoodles is awesome if you’re ever in the Springfield/Branson MO area!) = Woohoooo! The UV Cake vodka is nowhere near as good as Pinnacle’s version of cake, but omg is cherry Three Olives deeeeelicious.

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