Bring On the Friday Favs!

Bring On the Friday Favs!


Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

  1. My BFF/#girlcrush Rachel Maddow hosting last night’s #DemDebate!!!



Things got pretty intense! There are a few topics that I wish had been covered in more depth (or at all), but overall I liked the approach of the moderators mostly staying out of it and just letting the candidates go.

In case you were unaware, Rachel & I are totes BFFs. See?

rachel-tweetShe has also RT’d pics of my cat, which is basically a marriage proposal in my book.

2. I’m currently kinda obsessed with “Child Genius” on Lifetime. I had a super high IQ as a kid, but I’m still blown away by how crazy smart these kids are at like 10-12 years old. For the memory round, they had to memorize the order of a shuffled deck of cards, and one of them actually remembered all 52! I consider myself pretty good at geography (I kick ass at Sporcle’s “name all of the countries of the world” game and I can usually get 120-130 of the capitals correct, and while I’m not super accurate I can generally at least get pretty close to estimating where they are on a map), so I was surprised that I only knew like half the questions they asked the kids, like “What is the national currency in Azerbaijan?” I totally want Adrian, who is going to graduate high school at 12 next year, to win, since as he puts it – he has a single mom and the tuition at Harvard is “kind of expensive.” (The prize is $100k for college.)


3. I was sooooo excited to see this dress at Target earlier this week!


Target Women's Tiered Babydoll Dress - Mossimo Supply Co.

It’s basically the exact same dress that I loved last summer, just in three new colors/patterns. I have last year’s version in two different colors, and wore it constantly. I am obsessed with cute summery dresses that you can just throw on and feel effortlessly cute!

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Last year’s dress paired with denim vest. 

The new ones are only $22 (same as last year’s, I think?) but I have “the poor”, so I’m holding off buying until there’s a good sale or Cartwheel deal. C’mon, BOGO!

4. I recently started a new thing of doing”Office Hours” a few times a week. Basically, I pack up the laptop and head to the library (or hopefully other locations soon if I can find somewhere else that works!) so I can totally focus on work for an hour or two.

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Change of scenery!

I love working from home, but getting totally away from any possible distractions for a while makes it WAY easier to focus, and is actually giving me a divide between work and non-work time that’s a lot more clear.

5. And finally, I like this a lot:

I have SO much to catch up on writing about, including a post that I started back in December and 2 from AUGUST! Maybe I can knock a few of those posts out of the draft folder this weekend! Next week includes Cloudy Cat finally getting his tube out on Monday (Hooray for cats without holes in them!) and my 2nd riding lesson at the stable I just started going to after a TEN year break from riding! (Spoiler alert: I suck now! But I can’t wait to tell you guys about it!)

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