Awesome New Coloring & Dot-to-Dot books for Adults! {Groovy Giveaways Giveaway Hop – Ends 9/7 US}

Awesome New Coloring & Dot-to-Dot books for Adults! {Groovy Giveaways Giveaway Hop – Ends 9/7 US}


Coloring books for adults have been a HUGE trend this year, and I have some awesome new ones to share with you guys, plus what I think will be the next big trend alongside them: dot-to-dot books for adults! Check them out below, and then enter to win your favorite down at the bottom of the post! (WOOHOO!)


Coloring Bird Mandalas* by Wendy Piersall is filled with 30 beautiful bird themed circular designs to color! There’s a nice variety of detail level, so some will take a lot longer to color than others, and the designs range from super cute to regal and elegant. The designs are only printed on one side of the (nice quality, semi-thick) paper, so you don’t have to worry about colors bleeding through. I love the book size – 7.3 x 9 inches – which makes it big enough to have room to work, but small and enough to take with you on travels or daily adventures.


I think I’ll be coloring this one next – just gotta pick out some great greens for the leaves!




Love this little guy’s face!


I wanted to experiment with how much I could do using just one colored pencil – spent about an hour on this guy so far! You could definitely take this book and just a couple of pencils in your carry-on and be entertained for a multi-hour fight!

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coloring flower mandala postcards

Coloring Flower Mandala Postcards takes some of the beautiful floral designs from Wendy Piersall’s Coloring Flower Mandalas book and offers them up in postcard form! You can either create a work of art to send to a friend, or mail these out blank so that the recipient can have all the fun!

flower postcards to color



There’s plenty of room on the back to write your message, or maybe do some fun little doodles!


I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Calming Dot-to-Dot  by Emily Wallis, but after doing one puzzle I was HOOKED. These things are so addicting, y’all! There’s something zen about just following the numbers nd watching a picture emerge! (Part of the fun is the mystery of what the image will become, so I didn’t want to post too many pics of the finished results!)


The book contains 30 different dot-to-dot puzzles, each with 400 dots to connect. I had so much fun with this book that I ended up ordering another dot-to-dot book for adults on Amazon. Since there weren’t any others from the same author or publisher, I went with another one that looked good, but ended up liking it a lot less, which made me appreciate this one even more! The other one I ordered had 1000+ dots per page, which led to a lot of crowded areas where it was hard to see numbers through lines you’d already drawn. It made me appreciate how the puzzles in Calming Dot-to-Dot are intricate enough to take quite a while to complete (the book says they take around 15 min each, but I found that most took me around 30-60 min to finish.), but they’re not so crazy complicated that you get lost trying to find the next number. I saw some reviews on Amazon that complained that the numbers were too tiny, but I didn’t personally have any trouble seeing them, and I think that if they were any larger it woud interfere with the appearance of the picture. I’ll DEFINITEY be watching for future books like this one!


It would be mean of me to show you these awesome books and not share the fun! The publisher has been kind enough to offer one of you the book of your choice from the three featured in this post! Which one will you pick if you win? I know – tough choice!

The books featured in this post were provided by the publisher. No other compensation was received for this post.

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