Who I Am

Who I Am

A shiny new blog feels like it calls for an introductory “about me” type of post! I know some of you have been following me on the old blog for ages (you guys are the best!), but hopefully you’ll find something interesting in here anyway! And thus, I present a random list of things about me!


I wake up looking like this.

I grew up in Missouri, moved to Florida in my mid-20s to work for Disney, and then ended up back in MO a few years ago. I’m working my booty off to be able to afford to move back to Orlando ASAP!


I love Florida’s wackiness. There’s a news story about gators or crazy criminals or fist fights in the Publix deli almost every day, and it always delights me!

I’m a freelance writer, editor, and social media doer of stuff. (technical term.)


Few things make me happier than travel. I have what I call “anywhere but here” syndrome. I don’t even care where we’re going, let’s just go!

My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw.


I really love my cats. If you follow me on Twitter or IG, you will see a lot of them.

Speaking of which, I have two of both of those! My main Twitter is @Crystal11, but if you just want things like blog updates and adorable cat pics without all of my political rants and randomness, you can follow the blog Twitter at @SOTMBlog! (Note- I’ll be changing that to reflect the new blog soon!) Instagram accounts are @CrystalWard11 and @Straightontillmorningblog.

I think I love yoga because it’s the only physical thing I’ve ever been naturally good at.

I’m not really that into the sportsballing, other than Orlando City Soccer.


I believe in owning less of pretty much everything except clothes. (and cats)

Speaking of clothes, I love buying ugly thrift store dresses and transforming them into something cute!


I miss dance, even though I’m not naturally skilled at it, like, at allll. I really want to take a bunch of dance classes when I get back to Florida, but the awkwardness of being a beginner does make me nervous.

I have developed a sort of superhuman tolerance to caffeine. I will take ALL the coffee, please and thank you!


 When runway shows on style.com have a “details” photo gallery? It’s basically my favorite thing.

Staying current on what’s going on in the world is so important to me, as is voting!

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