Happy Monday, everyone! I know we’re all going to kick ass this week, but let’s take a few minute to chat about our weekends, first! 😉

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I was suuuuuuper sick on Friday, but luckily I bounced back in time to go help with a pony party at my barn on Saturday morning. This was my first pony party, and I’ve gotta say it was adorable! We had around 8 kids, I think, so we saddled up Darbe and Millie for them to ride. Darbe got to basically be a Lisa Frank unicorn, but Millie is a little less tolerant of getting dressed up, so she just got tail bows and glittery hoof polish!



I led kids around in big circles near the barn, giving them super technical riding instructions like “Tell her ‘Go, Millie, Go!” (The birthday girl was turning 5, so most of the kids were tiny! Also, I have no idea how to make conversation with children.)


My sleep deprived self with the birthday girl and her friend, who insisted on “helping”me lead Millie around on the last ride.


Could Darbe look any cuter!? I let the horses graze for a while while the kids did cupcakes and presents after they rode.


We got cupcakes, too! Pony parties aren’t a bad gig at all!

After the kids all left, Blakely and I saddled up to just ride around the property surrounding the stables for a while. It was perfect weather for riding, Gambit was a super good horse, and I got to just kick back and enjoy spending time with my goofy little pony pal! pink_heart




Gambit is so silly. I gave him a handful of hay to snack on while I was grooming, but he wasn’t interested so I just stuck it between those bars on the stall door. He decided to stick his nose in it and just stand there, staring blankly into the distance, for a good 5 minutes. Horse aromatherapy, maybe??

I referred to myself as “sleep deprived” above… OMG, you guys. A church near me was having their annual spring yard sale that morning, so I set my alarm for 7:30 am so I could get there right at 8 to take advantage of the $3 bag sale. (I got SO MANY clothes in that grocery bag for $3!!) 7:30 wouldn’t have been a terrible wake-up time, except that I didn’t fall asleep until about 6 am. YAY, insomnia! I discovered that ANOTHER church on the same street was  also having a sale, so I ended up with two big bags of clothes for a total of $5, and JUST enough time to grab breakfast at a gas station between the sales and heading off to the pony party. I had to stop at Target for groceries and general Targeting after we rode horses, but I probably don’t even need to tell you guys that I crashed shortly after I got home! I think I was in bed before 8 pm!

Sunday was one of those days where my mom needed a LOT of care, so that was pretty much my day. By around 5 I needed a break from the stress SO much that I decided to run out to buy coffee and then stop at the lake for about 10 minutes on my way back to mom’s. It’s amazing how therapeutic just spending a short time outside by the water can be!


Gotta be honest – I spent most of my time there trying to pretend I was at Bay Lake by the Magic Kingdom, waiting for a boat over to the Wilderness Lodge. I miss Florida A LOT, guys!

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