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2019 Goals

2019 Goals

Happy 2019! I can’t believe we’re already three days in, but at the same time it feels like this has been SUCH a long week!

I know that a lot of bloggers share goals on a monthly or quarterly basis, but that’s never really been my thing. I did decide to share this year’s goals though, since I’ll probably be referencing them throughout the year.

Here we go!


2019 goals new year


First, I have three goals that are easy to measure:



*Hike 100 miles (in total, not all at once!)

I usually only do 1-2 mile hikes, so to hit this goal I either need to get out on at least a weekly basis or I need to mix in a few significantly longer ones. Still, I think it’s a totally achievable number! I do have some uncertainty around what all I am going to count as “Hiking”. For instance, some parks nearby have lovely walking trails that go through the woods – does it still count if it’s paved and easy? Does it only count if it’s dirty and rugged? What’s the line?

One… amusing? (for lack of better word) note about this – Almost an entire month ago, I stumbled getting out of bed and managed to crack my toenail horizontally. I was a little worried it would fall off at the time, but it’s hung in there. But NOW, after all this time, it’s finally…uh… not doing well.  (I’ll spare you the details.) I have it all wrapped in athletic tape to try to postpone disaster, but I don’t think it’s going to end well. I know that long distance hikers lose toenails all the time and keep doing 20-30 mile days like that, but I’m still a little worried about going out with it like this! But on the other hand, it’s supposed to be like 60 degrees this weekend, so how can I NOT? Cross your fingers for me! (Or at least for my toe.)



*Read 30 books 

According to Goodreads, I wound up reading 26 books in 2018. You can find reviews of most of them in my Show Us Your Books Posts! (That link will bring them all up.) My book goals vary a lot year to year – once I came close to 100, but 50 is pretty average. I have a feeling this is going to be a super busy year, so 30 feels good.

I was really tempted to do a goal that focuses on number of pages read instead of books for a couple of reasons. First, you could read 30 children’s books in a few days and technically say you read 30 books. I’ve seen a lot of people actively seek out short books just to hit a high number. Second, I start a LOT of books that I don’t finish. I probably read the equivalent of 10 extra books last year, but since I didn’t finish them, they don’t “count”.

Despite those two reasons, I’m sticking with counting whole books entirely because it’s so much easier.




*Spend 100 hours on horseback

This should be easy once my trail ride job starts back up since I average 2-6 hours in the saddle each day there, but I’d like to get in as much variety as possible – western, jumping… maybe even a dressage lesson? (One year into Hunter/Jumper lessons and I still feel like a hot mess, so dressage would either be really helpful or really embarrassing.


In addition to those three easy to measure goals, there are two goals about how I want to feel:

*Empowered to fix my own problems

*Authentically Seen


I think the first one is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve been having trouble explaining the second one. I guess being true to who you are without being misunderstood in the process? I think a lot about the difference between how we see ourselves and how others see us. Most people don’t have any clue about 95% of what’s buzzing around in your head all day. So basically I want to be more myself and also bridge that gap between how I feel and how I’m seen.


I’d love to hear what your goals are for this year! Leave me a comment or a link to a post if you did one, too!


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