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Friday Favorites – Shortest Day of the Year

  Happy Friday, friends! And happy Winter Solstice! I am SO HAPPY that after today, sunset will start getting a little later each day. Total darkness at 5:30 pm really throws me off! This has been such a weird week for me. After working 4 jobs from August until the beginning of December, I’m now […]

Friday Favs – Middle of December Already!

  Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a hot second since I’ve had time to post! I was sick last Thurs – Saturday (Well, still am, but that was the worst of it), so I missed my usual Friday post, and then Tuesday was my birthday and I decided to go out and enjoy it rather […]

Friday Favs – December Starts Tomorrow??

  Happy last day of November! I can’t believe December starts tomorrow, and even crazier – that we’re only a month away from 2019! I’m finishing up today’s post in a hurry so I can head out to the ranch and ride Polka Dot one last time before he goes to Texas for the winter. […]

Friday Favs – October

  Happy Friday, friends! This is the first time I’ve actually managed to get a Favorites post up ON Friday in like a month! Go me! Here’s what I’ve been loving lately!   1. First things first, I found the best Halloween decoration at the thrift store:   I could leave this up year-round, TBH. […]

Friday Favs – September

Happy Friday, friends! .I’ve been SO busy with my new job this week that I haven’t had much time for anything else, but I’m excited about all of the fall stuff that’s showing up in stores! Here’s what I’ve been loving lately!     1. I finally gave in and started playing the Hogwarts Mystery […]