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Friday Favs

How is it already Friday? I’m so far behind on ALL THE THINGS that I need at least six more days in this week to catch up. I had an early alarm set this morning because I have like 4,000 words to write for a work project plus a billion other things to do, but […]

Friday Favorites – First of May

  Happy Friday! This week’s post is going up pretty late in the day, but better late than never, right? I had the headache of doom yesterday, so I spent today just struggling to catch up. I have a crazy weekend full of work ahead now, but such is life when you’re self employed. Sure, […]

End of April Friday Favorites

  1. I don’t know how it took me this long to find the Mortified podcast, but I’m totally hooked. I’ve only listened to about a dozen episodes so far, but they’re freaking hilarious. I literally got choked laughing at a guy’s diary entry that began, “Hey, I’m worried. I owe so much to so […]

Friday Favorites – April Showers

  Happy Friday, friends! Has anyone else just been feeling weird this week? Is there some funky planetary alignment thing throwing everyone off balance, or is it me? I had way less work than usual this week (for example, 7 otel descriptions to write instead of the 40-50 I’ve gotten used to) and yet I’ve […]

Friday Favorites – April Showers

  Happy April, everyone!   1. All of my U2 nerd friends have been freaking out over a new graphic tee at Target that says Shine Like Stars, because Bono occasionally adds an extra verse onto the end of With Or Without You that begins with those words and it’s amazing. (The rest of the […]