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Friday Favs – Where Did May Go?

Happy Weekend, friends! I’ve been so busy working to make my car down payment and afford the crazy taxes that I’ve barely peeked out from behind my laptop in the last couple of weeks. That said, I do have some exciting news and a few other favorites to share!   1. I have a job […]

April Friday Favs

  Remember last week when I was all excited because I bought a (much-needed!) new laptop? Well, last weekend, I bought…     My old car had hit the point where I could tell something was going to go wrong soon, and since it was worth less than $1k trade-in, I was not about to […]

Friday favs – April Showers

  Happy Friday, friends! I missed doing a Friday Favs post last week and the week before because the first Friday was just one of those Comedy of Errors kind of days and last week I was computerless (see below!). It’s been ages since I’ve written any regular posts, but I do try to at […]

Friday Favs – Spring Is Here!

  Happy Friday, friends! And happy Spring! Today was in the 60s, which makes me super happy. I’ve mostly been cleaning the house today, which was MUCH needed! Here’s what I’ve been loving lately:   1. Sometimes you have to admit when you are wrong. I’ve been mocking Oreo Thins for at least a year […]

Friday Favs – Marching Along

  I think I need to re-do this month’s Friday Favs image. I took photos in the St Patrick’s Day section of a store to use as backgrounds,but that one looks more Christmas-y now that I look at it again. But it’s Friday and I need to post this, so it will work for this […]