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Friday Favs – It’s August!

I haven’t had a chance to make a fancy Friday Favs August graphic yet, even though it literally takes like two minutes in Canva, so just imagine something really snazzy at the top of this post, ok? Thanks! As usual, I’m working on this post while also actually working. I always tell myself I’m going […]

Friday Favorites – End of July

  Happy End of July! I feel like the beginning of July was two years ago. What a weird month. Here’s what I’m loving this week!   1. After a million years of guest hosting and appearing as a legal expert, my pal Ari FINALLY got his own nightly show! “The Beat With Ari Melber” […]

Friday Favorites + A Giveaway!

  Happy Friday! Yet another week has flown by. Stop doing that, weeks! I need to catch up! Could we please start a petition for an International Catch Up On Your Life Day? You get a full 24 hours to catch up on ALL THE THINGS from overdue blog posts to that Netflix show you’re […]

Friday Favorites – It’s July Already?

I spent most of the latter half of June asking, “Is it July yet?” because I was so looking forward to plans to head down to Dallas for a friend’s wedding and quality time with other people I care about. And now, somehow, I’ve already been back for almost a week and the time has […]

Friday Favorites – End of June

  1. This particular Friday, I’m thankful for a busy work week. Freelancer life is awesome, given that I can work at home with no pants surrounded by cats, but sometimes it is NOT awesome and you have a couple of slow weeks in a row and things get super stressful financially. The past two […]