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Show Us Your Books monthly book review linkup


It’s been a couple of months since I participated in the Show Us Your Books linkup (my last one was in April!), so I wanted to be sure I got a post up for this month’s linkup with Steph and Jana! Appropriately enough, I’m writing this post at the library because my AC has been broken since I got back from FL, so I needed a serious break from the hot house.

I’ve read WAY more books since my last post than just the ones I’ve written about below, but things have been so busy and crazy that I just haven’t gotten around to writing about them yet. Hopefully next month’s books post will be a supersized edition full of reviews I’ve been meaning to get to! Until then…


First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

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I don’t read a lot of fiction, but I’m always excited when Emily Giffin publishes a new book. This is the first time I’ve gotten one of her books free through NetGalley instead of from the library, so getting to read it before it came out made me feel fancy. It’s an interesting look at love loss and and family told through the voices of two sisters. Probably not my favorite Giffin book so far, but enjoyable and fairly light – a good summery chick lit-ish read that’s not too sweet and fluffy.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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This was my beach read while I was in Vero Beach last month. I think I may have actually enjoyed this more than Gone Girl, but I do want to put the warning out that it involves the murder of kids, so avoid if that kind of thing is going to seriously disturb you. If you can get past that aspect, it’s a suspenseful, engrossing read that I found myself picking up as often as possible throughout my vacation days.

As usual, I’m in the middle of like half a dozen books, and I have Shonda Rhimes’s “The Year of Yes” sitting next to me here at the library, just waiting to be checked out despite my total lack of time for it right now. Anyone know where I can get a clone so that I can manage to read AND get work done? That would be rad.

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  • Sharp Objects was a MESSED UP book. Teeth make me nauseous so you can imagine how I felt at that part.

    I haven’t read the Emily Giffin one yet even though I got it from NetGalley but I can’t imagine it was any worse than the one before this one.

  • I think I’ve only read one Giffin book, so maybe I’ll try this one.

    I liked Gone Girl better than Sharp Objects, but I kind of wish Flynn would write another book!

  • Love the choice for the opening pic!

    I liked Dark Objects a lot. I read that and her other one before Gone Girl came out. I enjoyed all of them.

  • Sharp Objects was my favorite Flynn novel– I have First Comes Love on my ipad to read (hopefully) soon!

  • I loved the Year of Yes so I hope you do too. I haven’t read Sharp Object yet but been meaning to do so. We all need book clones because our TBRs are too long – not that I’m complaining. It makes me smile to see how many books I want to read.

  • I tried reading “Sharp Objects” but it was making me a little sick to my stomach, so I had to put it down. Love “Gone Girl” and “The Grownups” though!

  • um can i have that clone as well? haha. or be paid to read the books i want to read.. not getting paid to read in general because i don’t want to read bad books. the year of yes was seriously good though so i hope you find time! i really liked sharp objects as well, if you can ‘like’ a book like that. she’s a great writer.

  • I read First Comes Love this month too. It was okay, and I was happy it was a lot better than her last one!

  • I have First Comes Love on my NetGalley shelf too. Glad to hear you liked it. 馃檪

  • For Gillian Flynn, I liked Dark Places, then Sharp Objects, then Gone Girl…in that order. So, if you haven’t read Dark Places yet, I say grab it!

  • Gwen @ Confessions of a Gila Monster

    I’ve really enjoyed all of Gillian Flynn’s books. And I can’t wait to read the new Emily Giffin. I’m hoping it will cleanse my palate after I couldn’t even finish her last one.

  • Oh there are so many books in the world…. I have just picked up Gone Girl.. so maybe I’ll see how that one goes first. I haven’t read any of the Emily Griffin series yet. We were in Vero Beach (briefly) last summer. We had a very good sandwich. hehe XO – Alexandra

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