Friday Favs – End of March


Happy Friday! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since the beginning of the month! Wait, I take that back. I totally CAN believe it, because the pat few weeks have been nuts! In one week, we had three tornado warnings in one night, a snowstorm, and a 75 degree day.

I’ve been crazy busy working, but also trying to fit in as much outdoorsy time a possible while the weather is nice. (I’m working on a guide to nature and hiking trails near Branson, MO since there doesn’t seem to be much info on them on the ol’ internets yet! And also because long walks by the lake are literally the only thing keeping me sane lately.)

Last week I got to escape everything for a day and stay in a super cute A-Frame cabin at a lake resort near Branson, which I’ll be writing about soon! I definitely need to figure out how to carve out time to blog amidst an absolutely packed schedule, so if you somehow have organizing your days figured out, hit me up with tips!

With all of that said, here’s what I’ve been loving lately! (Some links are affiliate links because I am a poor cat lady and those eleven cents I get when you buy stuff matter, yo.)

1. So, apparently mandala-shaped beach towels are a thing…

This blue one is less than $20 on Amazon.

According to the reviews, the fabric is more like a sheet than an actual towel, but I don’t care. It’s so pretty! #Priorities! Can you imagine doing yoga on the beach with that as a yoga mat? 😍


2. This Twitter thread of cat gifs. Trust me.



3. I won these crazy looking Wilma Schumann face masks in a giveaway, and I can’t wait to use them (and post hilarious photos of how silly they are sure to look on my face!)


4. I’m a Chewy influencer, which means they send me free cat goodies every month in exchange for sharing my feedback. This month, one of the items the meowers got was this bag of Halo Mix n’ Mores freeze dried cat food.

Tried to take a pic of what they looked like, so of course Sam offered to “help.”

I opened the bag the night it arrived and gave them each a few to see how they went over, then wrapped the bag up in a grocery bag and stored it in the cabinet way above the stove to keep them out of it. That should work, right?



Halo Mix n Mores Freeze Dried Cat Food

I really hope they at least shared, or else someone probably had a bit of a kitty food hangover after devouring that whole thing! I guess “Your cats will break into your kitchen cabinet and destroy the bag.” counts as a glowing review?


5. This.


Hope you have an amazing weekend ahead! I’m planning to work my bootie off today in hopes of having a free day tomorrow to go play in the woods since it’s supposed to be 70 degrees! Do you have any fun weekend plans?
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Friday Favorites – Marching Along

Happy March! Can you believe 2017 is already 1/6th over? I’m thrilled that it has felt way less Wintery lately, but that’s been accompanied by allergies of doom, which I’m NOT so thrilled by! Any suggestions for great allergy medicatons that won’t knock me out and aren’t a billion dollars?

1. I’ve been needing new sunglasses, and finally picked these up from the Target Dollar Spot!

At first I was a little grumpy because Dollar Spot sunglasses used to be $1 and these were $3, but they’re definitely nicer quality than the old ones, so I’m cool with the price increase. (I’m a terrible sunglasses loser/breaker, so Dollar Spot is where it’s at!)

I have to admit, I was SUPER tempted by these over in the regular sunglasses section!


2. This Mossimo Supply Co jacket. 

I grabbed it on a whim to try on with some other stuff and fell in love. I’m wearing the Medium here, but I think I might actually buy the Large? What do you guys think?

I love that it works just as well  with a floral spring frilly top a with a casual grey tee. (The tops underneath are here and here.)

It’s so lightweight and soft but still has that sort of military style feel.

And it’s only $28!


3. sent the cats this Solid Gold Purrfect Parings cat food.

Tennyson got to be my model for these pics, which I should have thought through better because my phone gets all confused when trying to photograph a black cat against a bright background!

It’s a whipped mousse texture, which is super handy if you need to hide medicine or something in it! I usually give my cats a little bit of coconut oil to help with hairballs, but my mom’s super long furred kitty refuses to eat it. I was able to sneak a pretty good sized blob into a teaspoon of this food and she devoured it! Score!



They also sent me an awesome mug with cookies and chocolates for Valentine’s Day! As if sending kitty food wasn’t already the way to my heart! I definitely recommend joining their influencer program if you’re a pet parent!

4. Orlando City Soccer’s 2nd season starts in just 2 days, and it’s our first one in the new stadium! I hope I can catch at least one game in person this year!


5. As I mentioned in my last Friday Favs, I have a new freelance writing gig writing about hotels. One that I had to research this week was the Taj Boston. Boston has never been high on my “must travel to” list, but oh man, I need to go stay in this hotel. A short list of reasons why:

*Rooms come with a butler.
*And also a fireplace butler to light the fire in your fireplace, after you select wood from a fireplace menu.
*And also a bath butler, to draw your bath. And there’s a bath menu of fancy products. (The rose petal bath that comes with champagne is $85, which is more than a lot of hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, but still!) There’s also a tea bath, because you know, when in Boston….

How do you go back to traveling with fewer than 3 butlers after that? What do you mean I have to fill up my own damn bathtub?

I’m writing about an average of 30 different hotel suites a week right now, so my travel bucket list is growing like crazy! Do you guys want to keep hearing about my favorite from each week? I nerd out over hotels, but I’m not sure if everyone else is a fascinated a I am!


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Friday Favorites – Sweet Fancy Internet!

Happy Friday, everyone! We have a 70 degree weekend ahead here, so I’m pretty excited! I’m definitely a solar powered human.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

1. I GOT MY INTERNET BACK THIS MORNING. I’ve been internetless at home for like 6 weeks, so I’ve been spending like 6 hours at the library EVERY DAY to get work done. I’m used to working a billion hours a day, but oh man, sitting still in the (admittedly comfy) library chair with no snacks or coffee felt like a thousand hours. But I FINALLY switched to a new internet provider this week, spent several days frustrated that my new service wouldn’t work, and then this morning got the outside electric box thingy (technical term) replaced by the tech guy, so I HAVE INTERNETS. It’s so pretty. And I can finally work bra-less again. I’m so happy.

2. I finally updated iOS and while I feel personally victimized by the new clown emoji, there are a lot of other new and updated ones that make me really happy:


3. I have a new writing gig that I’m really enjoying! I get to write about hotels, which is totally my jam since a) I’m a travel nerd and b) I worked front desk and concierge for so many years. I’ve already added at least half a dozen to my “Ooh, I need to stay here” list.


4. I found this list of 201 Questions to Ask Siri that’s a lot of fun. Asking her to beatbox has always been my favorite.



5. Afternoon walks at the lake are back, thanks to temp finally being warm enough to do so without wanting to die. I’ve been wanting to hit up some local hiking trails – maybe this weekend since it’s supposed to be nice! But the lake is like 5 minutes from my house and thus super convenient to stop by for a quick afternoon break when I need to get out from behind the laptop screen.

Probably not the most riveting list of favs to read about since it’s mostly life stuff instead of the usual “Hey look at this thing I found that you are going to love, too!”, but c’est la vie!

Did you catch my Show Us Your Books post of book reviews earlier this week?

Go forth and have an awesome weekend!


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Show Us Your Books – February Edition <3



Happy Valentines Day, loves! Today I’m joining a bunch of awesome bloggers in celebrating one of our first and truest loves, books! Here’s what I’ve been reading lately: (I received both of these books from NetGalley in exchange for my honest reviews.)

Bellvue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America’s Most Storied Hospital by David Oshinsky

Amazon * Goodreads

I love history. I love medicine. Put them together and you get this totally fascinating look back at the history of the infamous Bellevue Hospital in NYC. With history dating back to the very beginnings of the country, the hospital’s history is also New York’s history, with the issues facing the practice of medicine echoing the bigger issues faced by the country (then and now), including poverty, racism, gender equality, war, medical ethics, and on and on.

I learned so much about the history of medicine in general from this book. I didn’t know that hospitals were originally only for the poor. At that time, anyone who could afford it would be seen by a doctor at home, since medicine was still considered a craft rather than a profession, there was no concept of a sterile environment and no fancy equipment. In early years, alcohol was one of the most abundant “medical supplies” at the hospital. (Oh, the healing power of booze!) I laughed in the sad way over the note about how early medical schools weren’t hard to get in, and they would “admit just about any white male student able to afford the costs.” This is highlighted in my Kindle with the note “We now reserve this for political office.”

For such a serious (and at times gory) subject, I was surprised by how many times I laughed reading this. One example:

“As late as 1888, Bellevue’s specialist in childhood diseases insisted that diptheria, a deadly bacterial infection, resulted mainly from inhaling the dam gases that rose from the sewers. (He also warned against the danger of kissing a cat.”

Also, there was an early Bellevue doctor named Valentine Seaman. Do with that what you will.

My (not so) Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella

Amazon * Goodreads

I remember kind of enjoying Kinsella’s first “Confessions of a Shopaholic” book (despite constantly thinking it should be called “Confessions of a pathological liar”), but didn’t like the sequels much because the main character was just too unbelievable and unrelateable. I enjoyed her newest book, “My Not So Perfect Life” *so* much more. It’s written in the same chatty first person style, and is great when you’re in the mood for the kind of fiction that’s just light and fun. There was one incident in the middle of the book that reminded me of the antics of her too zany to be believable character from the Shopaholic books, but overall the main character from this book is so much more likeable, which made all of the difference for me. I was a little sad that the “big twist” was something I figured out near the beginning of the book, but that didn’t detract much from my overall enjoyment.

I read this one in a day, and it gets my thumbs-up as a good plane/beach/it’s 13 degrees outside so I’m spending today under the covers book. I read this genre a lot more when I was in my early 20s, but this was a nice reminder to pick up something a little less serious now and then.


Head over to Life According to Steph and Jana Says to see what 40 other bloggers have been reading this month! And beware of kissing cats.

Friday Favorites – First Favs of February

Happy First Friday Favorites of February! I started this post LAST Friday (aka the actual first Fri of Feb) but then got sucked into a work project and never finished it. Oops!

1. I’m supposed to FINALLY get internet back at my house on Tuesday (Talk about Valentine’s Day romance!!), so I’ll be back to blogging more frequently. I’m so used to working 24/7 that trying to fit everything I need to do online into the 6 hours the library is open most days has been insane.


Nature Valley Biscuits in Cocoa Almond Butter flavor

2. I was kinda into the almond butter Nature Valley biscuits, but now they have a Cocoa Almond Butter flavor, and I’m 100% addicted. I dip them in my morning coffee (the bottled Starbucks Vanilla Latte) and it’s amazeballs.


3. I was browsing UpWork for writing gigs this week, and spotted this amazing job listing:


I want to be friends with whoever posted this.

4. You would think that the joke of the Trump Draws Twitter account would get old now that they’re on their 27th post, but…. nope. Still hilarious.


Also lovng the ALT POTUS 45 account. Ths is the world want to live in.

5. MyPoints now has nCrave just like Swagbucks! It’s such an easy way to earn points, and the awesome thing is that while Swagbucks takes a few days to send you gift cards when you redeem your points, MyPoints sends them *immediately*. SO HANDY. I needed to get gas lats night, so I redeemed $5 worth of points for a Walmart gift card from my phone, added it to my Walmart app, and then transferred it to a physical gift card so I could get the 2 cents off per gallon at their gas station. (Pretty sure it just took me longer to type out that whole process than to actually DO it.) They have search & earn like Swagbucks does, too.

TLDR: Yay for nCrave on MyPoints! If you don’t have an account with them yet, signing up via my link makes you a super cool person. I highly recommend bookmarking the site on your phone’s browser and doing surveys while you’re stuck in line at TargetStarbucks or something. You get 5 points if you attempt a survey and don’t qualify, so trying a few while you’re waiting to order your latte adds up fast!


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