Friday Favs – Where Did the Week Go?

Happy Friday, friends! Last week was too crazy for me to find time to put a post together, so we’ve got some catching up to do! Friday really snuck up on me this week, too. Can I pause time for a day or two to catch up?

1. Last Tuesday was rough, y’all. I woke up to texts from my sister that my mom was in the ER again, opened my laptop to see that I’d been assigned a bunch of stuff to write at like 3 a.m., which meant I had about an hour to complete it (Emailed the company about THAT. Grr.), and then discovered that my sweet Bear cat didn’t want to walk. I’ll get back to that in a second, but first I’ll share the Twitter account that I enjoyed scrolling through to de-stress during a crazy day.

I scrolled through his entire Twitter history, and it was a lovely break from the madness. I’ve seen his stuff on Buzzfeed or Distractify or something before, and I guess he’s on Instagram, too.

2. As I mentioned, Bear didn’t want to walk and spent most of the day just kinda laying around. He looked uncomfortable but not in pain, so I figured he’d landed weird from jumping or maybe gotten into a fight with one of his brothers and hurt his foot or something. With my mom being in the ER (She’s fine now) I didn’t have as much time to keep an eye on him as I normally would have, so that didn’t help.

When I got home that night, he was still just chilling so I picked him up to carry him to the bedroom so he could be close to me and I could keep an eye on him. I guess doing that hurt him because he threw up as soon as I put him down on the bed and then started to look way more uncomfortable than he had before. He squatted on the bed like he was going to pee once I put him down, so I grabbed him and took him to the litter box, but he didn’t do anything. Hmmm.

I went to school with a girl who is a vet now (as mentioned in my last Friday Favs) – I had put off messaging her since I’d just had to ask for her help the week before, but between the throwing up and the looking less comfortable, I gave in. I described his symptoms and right as I was adding on, “I have a weird feeling it might be some kind of urinary or intestinal blockage?” she asked, “Has he ever had urinary problems before?”

Bingo. Everything fit for a urinary blockage, which can be fatal of you let it go for too long. This was at like 9 p.m., and since he was still just looking uncomfortable we made plans to meet at her office at 8 a.m. for her to see him. I asked what to look out for that would mean we needed to run to the emergency vet instead, and she mentioned panting and becoming less responsive.

I let Bear just relax for awhile, but around 11:30 p.m. he started breathing harder and kinda zoning out. I spent a while trying to decide where the line between breathing hard and panting was, but decided screw it, I’m not taking that chance and he’s clearly hurting, so I loaded him into the kitty carrier and set off for the emergency vet, which is over an hour away. I was literally sick from stress, very ready for bed, and running off only 4 hours of sleep from the night before, but if anything happened to him I never would have forgiven myself. When Sam had his blood clot last year he died about 3/4 of the way to the vet, so I kept trying to check if Bear was breathing as we made our way there, even pulling over at one point. He was not happy, but he was alive.

We made it to the vet around 1 and got him checked in, and after a quick exam they agreed that he was definitely blocked. They took him back to give him pain meds and from across the clinic I heard him do the specific meow he does when he’s calling for me. UGH. I’d managed to hold it together to get there, but that brought the tears.

They discussed cost with me after getting his pain meds started. Remember how I’ve been saving up to get my car registered? Work has been SO SLOW the last few months that it took me 3 months to save up $630 of the $900 I need. I had been messaging with a friend who had offered to loan me a few hundred if necessary, but I was realllly hoping I’d have enough to cover it. His estimate was $540, so my car fund was totally drained, but I had enough. Whew.

The plan was to let the pain meds kick in, then sedate him and put in a catheter to clear the blockage. He’d need to be on IV fluids and observed overnight, then transfered to a regular vet before the emergency vet closed at 8 a.m. They let me cuddle him before he got sedated, which I really appreciated, and then I left around 1:30 a.m. I seriously considered just sleeping in my car in the parking lot, but it wasn’t the best part of town and I knew I wouldn’t actually rest, so I made the 70-ish minute drive home and was in bed by about 3. Got up at 5:45 to head back up there, and was thrilled to find a much happier Bear than the one from the night before.

He needed to be on fluids for another day or so, and the catheter needed to stay in for at least 24 hours, so I moved him to my friend’s office to be hospitalized. I spent about ten minutes cuddling him in the car before taking him in – he was still pretty drugged up and super affectionate, and I was so freaking happy that he was just alive that we needed a few minutes before I said goodbye to him for two more days.

Spent around 20 minutes discussing his care and everything with my vet friend, then made the drive back home. Friends kept messaging to ask if I was ok to drive after the night we just had, and my reply was “Bear is ok so I am ok.” TBH I was pretty out of it from the stress and less than 3 hours of sleep, but I made it and sunk into bed for like 4 hours. I had plans to meet my sister at my mom’s or I probably would have just slept the day away.

The good in all of this is my friend being SO awesome about answering all of my questions, hospitalizing him for as cheap as possible for me AND letting me get invoiced for it since I was pretty broke at that point. She even took her kids by before bed to check on him and sent me pics of them petting him. I got to pick him up on Thursday afternoon, and it was so good to have him home! Unfortunately, he started having trouble getting much out that same day, so this past week has been spent keeping a close eye on him and making sure he got all of his meds on schedule. I’m exhausted, but he’s finally getting better!

3. This seems so small after that last massive story, but I mentioned that my sister was visiting. When she drives down from Iowa, she stops at the Trader Joes in KC for me and picks up whatever I ask for. I saw their ABC Bars (Almond Butter Cocoa) in a vlog was was intrigued, so I asked her to grab me a box. THEY’RE SO GOOD. Asking her to get like 3-4 boxes next time, since she only comes down every month or so. Oh man, another reason I need to move back to Orlando – we have TJ’s and Whole Foods there. (My Facebook timeline has been FILLED with photos from the cast member previews of the new Galaxy’s Edge area. It’s so sad when all of your friends are hanging out in a galaxy far, far away and you are stuck in Missouri.)

4. The new Taylor Swift album dropped last night. I’m not a huge fan but I liked the last album, so I checked it out on Spotify. Totally recommend doing it that way because there are videos. They’re mostly gifs of like, her cats (which I approve of), but for “Me” there’s a video of her and the Panic at the Disco guy lip-syncing to it, and it’s actually pretty cute. I tried to take a screenshot but it blacked out the image. Thanks, technology. (Side note- I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but I’m pretty meh about this album.)

A clip of the video:

5. I really should have canceled yesterday’s dressage lesson since I’m BROKE, but I needed something fun so I went. It was only 80 degrees and I was in the indoor arena, but I was still soooooaked in sweat afterwards. It’s hard work! I rode a horse named Harry – a big, muscley guy. He’s actually in the photo I posted of Louie recently! He’s the one in the middle:

Despite feeling like a hot mess through most of our trot work, the instructor said I’d improved a lot since last time and we could move on to cantering soon, so yay! Riding different horses almost every time has been good for me, since like 50% of it is figuring out their silliness.

Speaking of horsing around, I’m working trail rides tomorrow. Thankfully it’s only supposed to be 80 and we might even get rained out part of the day. Things will probably slow down a lot after Labor Day and I might even get laid off soon, so I just want to try to enjoy it while I can!

This week’s post was totally thrown together at the last minute – I’m at the coffee shop working and I’ve been typing up bits and pieces here and there when my brain needed a break. Hopefully this coming week will be more chill!

Side Note- I hate the new WordPress update! I can’t even find where I’m supposed to add tags. Has anyone figured it out?

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Show Us Your Books – Summer Edition


At long last, I’m showing up for another Show Us Your Books link-up! Apparently the last time I did one was back in April. Life needs to settle down for a bit so I can catch up on everything! (HA! Not gonna happen.)

Here’s some of what I’ve been reading over the last several months!



Sh#t Your Ego Says

Goodreads * Amazon

This might be one of my most highlighted e-books of all time. It’s not that it was the best book ever, but so many passages felt highlight-worthy, either for being really motivational or just stated in a way that really struck me. I feel like I need to re-read it, though, because a lot of what I highlighted is less striking when I look back at it out of context even though it was apparently really resonating at the time.

Shortly after moving to NYC to follow his dream of becoming a writer, the author finds himself homeless and jobless after Hurricane Sandy struck. This life-changing turn of events causes him to examine his life and his thoughts. It’s part memoir, part self-improvement.


I was going to share some of what I highlighted, but as I said, it turns out that it has zero impact out of context. Instead, I’ll share the passage that blew my mind and that I’ve been telling people about ever since:


“If we were to take the entire light spectrum and condense it to the size of the Mississippi River , which flows 2,340 miles from the top of Minnesota into the Gulf of Mexico, the portion that would be visible to the human eye is merely eight inches. We are unable to see most— in fact, nearly all— of the light that we know to exist because it is a frequency beyond our perception. The same is true for sound, smell, taste, and touch. We only experience a small percentage of what has been proven to exist.”


(I received a complimentary review copy via Netgalley)



Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

Goodreads * Amazon

This is an odd book – it tells the story of the design and construction of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago and also the story of a serial killer who was operating in the area at the same time. There’s not really much crossover between the stories, just the fact that they’re in the same time and place, so they make a kind of unusual combination.

Gotta be honest – the parts about the fair were hit and miss. Some aspects were fascinating – hearing about how it was the first time people got to try Cracker Jacks and Juciy Fruit, it was the unveiling of the first Ferris Wheel, and it was when the first zipper was introduced (I KNOW! WHAT??), were all very cool. But there was also a LOT about the design and construction and relationships between architects that drug a little. Buffalo Bill meeting and honoring Susan B. Anthony? Cool. Arguments about what kind of boats fit the aesthetic they had in mind for the lake? Meh.

Something that I found odd- My library e-book expired when I was only halfway through the book, so I checked my library for a hard copy because the e-book waiting list was pretty long. I was surprised that it was in the biography section, and cataloged under the name of the serial killer. Holmes’s story makes up…maybe 1/3 of the book? Why isn’t it just classified as nonfiction?





The Radium Girls

Goodreads * Amazon

Workplace safety in the US has come a long way since the 1920s, y’all.

These poor girls, mostly in their teens and early 20s when they were hired, were employed painting watch dials with paint that contained radium. The job paid great and the work atmosphere was fun, and then, you know how it goes… people’s jaws started falling off. The usual.

I saw a lot of reviews of this before reading it, but somehow expected it to have more on the time before they got sick. Instead, more than half of the book takes place during the lawsuits against the radium companies when the girls tried to get compensation for their suffering and medical bills. It’s still interesting – the crap the workplace tries to pull to avoid taking responsibility is insane – just different than I expected. It’s a fascinating book, but also quite sad between the death and illness and long, drawn out fight for the courts to recognize them. I can’t imagine the terror of watching your coworkers die horrible deaths and knowing that you are probably next.


Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

Goodreads * Amazon

I heard about this book on the Brain Candy Podcast and was surprised to see that my local library actually had it. The audiobook was available before the ebook, so I went with that. The author’s writing style is great, sort of poetic, and her soft, sincere voice really sells it. The book alternates between scientific info about plants and her personal life while working in labs over the years. I noticed a lot of reviews where people hated one of those aspects and hated the other. I found the science fascinating and the personal memoir hit and miss. Her research partner Bill stands out as an extraordinary character, but some of the later chapters drug a bit. Liked but didn’t love.


It seems crazy that I only have four reviews after so many months off, but life has been crazy and as usual, I’ve started a ton of books that I didn’t finish. I really need to start reviewing some of those as DNF’s instead of just leaving them on my kindle forever with plans to come back to them eventually. Would probably do wonders for my Netgalley review percentage!

Be sure to visit Life According to Steph and Jana Says to check out the dozens of other bloggers taking part in the Show Us Your Books link-up and see what they’ve been reading lately!



Friday Favs – It’s Been Quite A Week!

Happy Friday, friends! This has been a crazy week! I’m going to do a sort of combined favs/catch-up post.


1. As you already know, I am a gold star Cat Lady. I had literally been back in Missouri for 2 weeks after moving back from Florida when a cat jumped the fence in my back yard and was like, “I live here now.” My outdoor cat adopted two stray kittens when I was in Florida once, and when one of them popped out five babies before she looked old enough to get pregnant, I “totally was not going to keep any of them”… LOL FOREVER.

You could probably drop me off on Mars and a tiny space cat would wander up and curl up in my lap. Life, uh, finds a way.


10000% my life.

So the other night, I kept hearing what I thought was a bird, but when I went into the kitchen it became clear that it was a cat. On my back deck. I did a quick glance around like, “Did someone manage to get outside??” but nope. I slipped out the door and there was a little kitten with a white tip on his tail. He freaked out and ran, and then JUMPED OFF THE DECK. After getting over the, “Oh shit, did he just commit kitty suicide?” I went down and checked and he was ok. Little dude was clearly in a panic so I got a can of food and took him a plate. It took a minute, but hunger overcame fear and he came up and ate. If I’d even move a hand, he’d run off a few feet, but then come back to the food.

Since I already have indoor cats, there’s no way I could bring a strange cat in for the night, so I figured the best I could do was fill his belly up, make sure there was water, and then see what I could do for him if he was still there in the morning.


Long story short…



He came back the next night, so apparently this was a thing I was dealing with now. The morning after that, I posted on the local yard sale group and regional lost and found page on FB to see if anyone had lost a kitten. He’s so clean and floofy and after getting over his initial fear, was loving and wanted in the house. Definitely an indoor guy. I also posted on my personal Facebook to see if anyone local might be interested in him if I didn’t find his owner.

Day 4, he’s already on the back porch for breakfast. This was the first time he’d been up before like 9 p.m. I called the local shelter to see if I could bring him in, but they have a THREE MONTH waiting list. I asked the guy on the phone if he knew any other local shelters or rescues, and he told me to just Google it. Thanks, dude.

There’s a large ASPCA up in Springfield, but they aren’t no-kill. Between being you and cute and polydactyl (he has thumbs!) I had a feeling this guy would get adopted quick, but the idea of chancing it worried me. I contacted a cat rescue there, too, but they already had 200 cats in foster homes they were trying to find homes for, so no luck. I reached out to a friend who is a vet at a fairly large practice there, and she said they sometimes have a couple of kittens up for adoption in their waiting room. She said I could bring him up and as long as he was negative for feline leukemia and FIV, he could stay there until he found a forever home. YAY!!!

That brings us to yesterday It was super stormy in the morning, so I drove him up around noon. I spent quite a bit of time that morning playing with him and basically saying goodbye. Even though it’s only been a few days, I got attached quickly. It’s just how I roll. He threw about a five-minute temper tantrum in the car, and then slept the rest of the hour drive. GOOD BOY.

My friend gave him a quick physical exam, agreed with my guess that he’s about 4-5 months old, and then took him back to get a blood sample for his tests. That took about 10 minutes, and then I waited with him in the exam room for about 10 more while we waited for the results. He was thrilled just to be held and cuddled for so long, so he had zero complaints.

But then the FIV test came back positive. My vet friend said that sometimes running them a certain way can cause a false positive, so she took another blood sample to be sure, and we had that 10 minute wait again, but this one felt super long.

Positive again. They couldn’t put him in with the other adoptable kittens, he’d have to come back home with me.

The good news is that FIV has a way worse reputation than the reality. It’s mainly transmitted by biting, and there’s very little chance this tiny guy is going to go bite one of my big outdoor cats. (I showed him to them when I got home to establish “This is a friend, we like him.” and the boys gave him a quick sniff and then walked away uninterested.) I put up a temporary door across the deck stairs so that he’s kind of barricaded in, and nothing else can get it. It’s not ideal by any means, but it’s the best I can do for now. He has about 80 square feet to himself with food and water and a litter box (which he was smart enough to use already!), so hopefully it will work until I can find him a new home.

The other good thing I discovered is that often, if the mother of a cat had FIV, the kitten can test positive for it until the antibodies clear out of their system at around 6 months of age. So there’s a solid chance he’s not carrying it at all, and if we retest him in a month or two he’ll be clear. That’s *fantastic* news, but it also means I might be taking care of him for significantly longer than I planned. And that means getting way more attached.

On one hand, I am so, so thankful that this little guy was smart enough to find me. I’m about 95% convinced that someone just dumped him nearby, possibly after learning his diagnosis and not wanting to deal with it. There is a special place in hell for that kind of person. That said, when you live in an area with ONE animal shelter that has a three month waiting list, there’s a deeper problem. We have one local vet that offers a low cost neuter and rabies shot once a year, but I wish more places did that, and more often. If I find a stray kitten and I’m willing to drive like two hours to take him to a shelter/rescue and also happy to pay them to take him, I shouldn’t be met with all closed doors. This little guy deserves so much more than the hand he’s been dealt. Every kitty deserves a safe home and someone to pet them. I will find this guy his, even if it means keeping him for a couple of months.

Oh, and yeah, when we were at the vet I was about 10 minutes away from the Walmart Neighborhood Market where an off duty officer tackled a dude who was loading up a rifle for a shooting spree.



2. We have two free range donkeys where I work trail rides, and it always cracks me up when we run across them while riding. Right after we passsed by them here, Hershey (the big one in the foreground) started rolling in the dirt. Guests loved it. Good job, donkey!

I’m working there tomorrow, but the forecast is for rain and storms so who knows? I love my horses but I am so over this heat and humidity.


3. I posted about enjoying Iliza Shlesinger’s Netflix specials on a Friday Favs a month or so ago, but now I’m hooked on her podcast, Ask Iliza Anything. Definitely recommend if you want something to listen to in the car as a way to de-stress after work or something!




4. I got to ride my instructor’s Endurance horse, Targa, for my lesson on Monday. It was like 90 degrees, and by the time we finished (in the indoor arena no less!) my t-shirt was totally soaked in sweat. We worked hard! But I’m improving. I pulled up a video of Charlotte Dujardin riding at the FEI finals and studied, and that definitely made some lightbulbs go off. THAT’s what my elbows are supposed to be doing! THAT’s what she means by “knees back and down”. 487435 more years of this and I might get it!

On that note, one of my New Years Resolutions was to spend 100 hours in the saddle this year. Of course, at the time I thought I’d be going back to my trial ride job in March, and instead I ended up not finding a new one until June. As a result, I’m currently at like 27 hours of riding so far this year, which will probably be 30 by the end of the weekend since I work tomorrow. It’s funny – I feel like I’m riding all the dang time, but I guess that I only rode once or twice before May? Time goes too fast. I’ll probably be working even less after labor day, so there’s a good chance I won’t come close to my goal, but it has been interesting to track!


5. I gave myself an “off” day last week and spent an hour or so just hanging out by the lake. I go to the lake all the time, but I usually either go for a long walk or sit by the water to write – I never just spread out a towel and get some sun on my pale legs. (Side note – it’s so rocky down there that laying by the water is generally not comfy! I had to pick out the least rocky spot I could find and still had a couple poking me through the towel.) (Side note of a side note – I recently got into an argument with a friend when we were watching The Office and they talk about having a beach day and then go to the lake. I was obviously like WTF, the lake does not count as a beach. That is crazy talk. He argued that it does count. Clearly he is unhinged. Beach = Ocean. Sand. Waves. Not lake. Please take my side in this and validate me.)

I laughed so hard because after like 45 minutes of laying there, I finally looked up and there were vultures circling overhead. They were probably after a fish someone left lying around or something, but I found it hilarious to think that I’d been lying there like a blob for so long that they assumed I was dead.


Busy weekend ahead as usual, but hopefully next week will be a little more chill? Maybe? Who knows.

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Friday Favs – Summer Vibes



Happy Friday, friends! I can’t believe it’s August. Strangely, it’s a lot cooler than July so far! The last day I worked trail rides, which was 2 weeks ago, it was 97 degrees with a heat index of 108 and I was pretty sure I was gonna die by 9 a.m. Thankfully it’s only supposed to be 86 and maybe rainy tomorrow, so I’m hopeful for a good day!


Here’s what I’ve been loving lately:


1. Target has some absurdly cute notebooks in the back to school section! I grabbed these two:



Here’s hoping for some great clearance deals after school starts so I can grab more without feeling guitly! The one on the right is kinda iridescent/holographic looking, and as for the other one… who can resist cat unicorns? NOT I.


2. I finally got to try reiki after wanting to for years. My crazy hippie church has a healing/meditation night where different healing practitioners offer their services from massage with crystals to reiki to a weird mat you sit on that’s supposed to help your circulation. It’s very weird to lie on a table while several people either have their hands on you or near you, but I felt really good afterwards! Really want to try the massage next time.


3. Siri sent me the wrong way after my riding lesson on Monday, but it worked out really well! The barn where I’m learning dressage is part of the public parks system, and it turns out it’s just around the corner from this:



I need to go back on a day that’s not a billion degrees when I have more time to walk around. It looks like there’s a trail around the whole lake, so that’s on my to-do list!

Speaking of dressage lessons – it’s hard but fun. So different from anything I’ve done. Louie spooked at a BUTTERFLY that day. He’s fun. Actually, I learned that so far I’m the only student there allowed to ride him since he’s considered an advanced horse. That made me feel pretty rad, even though most of the students are kids or super beginners. They’ve been having horse camp and have a few junior high aged kids there as junior counselors to help out. As I was getting Louie ready for my last lesson, one of them asked me how long I’ve been riding. She was definitely NOT expecting the “Um… about 30 years?” answer.


That’s Louie in the foreground, about to get a bath. I love the serious side-eye the horse in the next stall (Harry) is giving him because he just saw him get a treat. 


I think I might be riding a different horse on Monday – Louie is coming off or a career as a Western Pleasure show horse, so between that and his overall hotness/spookiness he’s not *ideal* for me to work on for dressage. He gave me a cute little Western Pleasure lope when I asked for a trot, which was adorable, but also one of the worst things that could happen in a dressage test. I’m excited to keep learning!



4. I get Mel Robbins’s email newsletter, and a recent one was titled, “The price of your new life is your old one.” That hit me so hard and I haven’t stopped thinking about it for over a week.



5. I somehow had NO idea that if you download the ABC Go app, you can watch all but the most recent episode of shows without having a paid TV subscription. I binge watched most of the latest season of the Bachelorette this week (The finale isn’t available for 5 more days. ARRGH.)- I’ve missed terrible reality TV!


Hope your weekend is lovely! Since I’m working trail rides Saturday and thrift store Sunday, I don’t have much of a “weekend” per se, but given that I spent most of Tues-Thurs watching the Bachelorette while playing Gardenscapes, I don’t really *need* another break. That said, I’d be totally down for a VERY chill trail ride day!

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Friday Favs

Happy Friday, friends!




1. I could rant about the crazy rainy trail ride work day I had last weekend, but this is a favs post, not a rant post, so I’ll tell you about the good parts: I rode a horse named Comanche (above) who I’ve been wanting to ride and totally LOVED him. I was leading and had a young boy behind me who was super nervous but who said that when I talked to him it made him less nervous, so I kept him chatting the whole ride. I promised him that his horse would take good care of him, that by the end he’d love him. As it usually goes, he did. In fact, when the threatening thunder that had echoed through the hills our entire ride finally turned into a downpour as I was getting the guests off their horses, he actually WAITED IN THE POURING RAIN until I was done dismounting the guests so he could have extra time to pet his horse. That’s love, yo.

I also finally got to ride Taffy the mule this week and I love her! Despite riding almost my entire life, I’d never ridden a mule so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she’s one of my favorites now!




2. I went to a fair in Springfield last Friday that had all kinds of cool vendors and booths. I wasn’t planning to spend any money there, but I passed by a tarot card reader and was drawn like a magnet to a cool-looking deck on her table. I paused and mentioned it and she invited me to check out the artwork on the cards. She was so nice and welcoming that I decided to go ahead and get a card reading – I’ve been in such a weird phase of transition that I was curious to see what would come up! I wound up choosing a different deck than the one that caught my eye, but EVERYTHING wound up being so on point!! Like the top left card was supposed to refer to the recent past, and the part at the bottom says “Clear the past, heal the present.” And when I first sat down I mentioned that I was in a time of major transitions, so which card did I draw for a summary of my current situation? That “Transformation” one in the center.

Wish I’d gotten a better pic of the cards – the artwork was really pretty!


3. From trail rides to dressage – I got to ride a new horse for my lesson on Monday! This is Louie – he’s an Arabian and definitely an “advanced” horse. He made me work, but that’s what I need to improve! I was going to take pics at the barn to show you guys how nice and organized it is, but it started pouring rain after my lesson so that will have to wait until next time!


4. My neighbor got me hooked on playing Homescapes. Well, technically when I asked him about the game he was playing, he said it was Gardenscapes, so I downloaded that and got addicted to it before realizing it was slightly different from the one he was playing. So now I’m addicted to both.


Calling it at 4 items this week because I have an event to get to! Tomorrow is trail rides in 90 degree heat, but then I have a chill but hopefully productive week ahead! Have a great weekend!


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