Mid-August Friday Favs

Mid-August Friday Favs


Happy Friday, everyone!

1. I kiiiiiinda binge watched all 10 hours of Making a Murderer in one night. And weirdly enough, I did so on the exact day that there was a big development in the case (don’t want to spoil anything) without knowing that was happening!

2. Just bought two new buttons. Love em.

I Was Normal Three Cats Ago button and The Holy Land Is Everywhere Black Elk Quote button


3. Okay, this is totally more of a question than a favorite, but oh well!


The notebook on the left is the one I’ve been using as my bullet journal most recently. I’ve ONLY been able to find this brand/type at K-Mart of all places. I only have a few pages left, so I ordered the one on the right on Amazon (it’s this one – I mostly picked it because it was the right general size and $4 w/ free prime shipping), but it just doesn’t *feel* right. ¬†For those of you who do bullet journaling, do you have any suggestions that’s similar in size to the left one? (8.8″ by 6.5″) Or should I just head to K-Mart and stock up since I know I like them?? Not pictured, but it has handy folders int he front, and a little divider that I can use to divide my daily pages from my section of lists.

4. So… I tried out a float tank this week. It was super cool and super weird. I’ve got a post about the experience almost finished, but if you have any questions, leave ’em in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them in my post!

Float tank

5. My mom has been pretty depressed about being in a nursing home for the past 6 weeks while she recovers from illness (she still needs 24 hr care for now), so we started taking goofy selfies on SnapChat to cheer her up. They were too good not to share with the world, so she now has an Instagram!


Go follow her – it will make her day! (She asks me how many followers she has on a daily basis.)

And don’t miss the new giveaway I have going on!


Friday linkup time!

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