Friday Favs – Ten is Five!

Friday Favs – Ten is Five!

Happy Friday, friends! Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:



1. I learned about the Potterless podcast this week and have already binge listened to like 35 episodes. (EEP.) It’s a podcast by a guy in his early 20s (he’s 23 at the beginning of the podcast but 25 by now) reading the HP series for the first time. If nothing else, I highly recommend episode 0 to Potter fans, because it’s only about 10 minutes long and he lists out everything he “knows” about the series based on memes and seeing the first few movies long ago. It’s a really fun podcast and it’s both interesting and hilarious to hear him trying to guess plot twists and get things terribly wrong.


2. I asked my cats to review the Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals dry food that we got for the Chewy Influencer program this month, and I think that their review translates to “IT SMELLS SO GOOD WE COULD NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU GOT HOME.”



The Chewy box arrived just as I was about to leave the house, so I opened it to double check what was inside (I get to choose the complimentary products we review each month, but my memory is pretty terrible), and then left the house for a couple hours. I came home to the above. Clearly, the cats investigated what was in the box and were like:


(I haven’t used that meme in a couple years. Feels good to bring back a classic.)

Despite the original, um, enthusiasm, the food got kind of mixed reviews from the cats. They were excited about having something new at first, but most of them preferred their regular dry food if they were offered both. That said, I do love the move towards more natural and sustainable ingredients. We got the ocean whitefish flavor, since their usual favorite flavor for dry food is seafood. Now I kinda wish I’d picked the Filet Mignon and Seafood flavor, which I *almost* picked because it sounded like something they’d be into,  but I switched to Ocean Fish at the last second. Maybe next time!


4. I’ve had deer in my back yard multiple times a week lately. Probably because it hasn’t been mowed in a million years, but why mow when you can get your lawn professionally manicured by deer? I actually had TWO deer back there yesterday evening, but I couldn’t see them well through the trees. Still – makes me feel like a Disney princess surrounded by woodland friends.


5. Tennyson turns five years old tomorrow! I can’t believe I have a kindergarten aged son. (This pic is from his first birthday, but he basically hasn’t changed in appearance at all.)


I’m about to head to the living room for some hot vacuuming action – I know how to party on a Friday! My to-do list has been such a heavy weight on my shoulders lately that I’m hoping a couple of days of hard work will lighten the load a LOT. Speaking of shoulders, I have an appointment with a new chiropractor on Tuesday and I am SO EXCITED. This is how you know you’re old. (Well, not really, since I’ve been getting adjustments since I was 16, but still.) My whole body is so out of whack that I’m legit daydreaming about how much better I’m going to feel.

Go forth and have an awesome weekend!


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