Friday Favs – Post Valentines Edition

Friday Favs – Post Valentines Edition

Happy Friday, friends! The forecast here is calling for freezing rain all day – brr! This has been such a weird winter! It was 60 degrees yesterday! Which means…



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My Valentine is tall and handsome and was very excited about the candy I brought him. 💕

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1. I got to spend Valentines Day with my main man!

I haven’t ridden Folklore in months! The weather has been icky and cold tends to make him a little stiff (he’s basically retired now), so I’d rather wait for a nice day when we can both enjoy it. He was excited to see me, and especially excited about the peppermint sticks I picked up on clearance after Christmas. The boy loves his peppermints! He’s the only horse I’ve ever known who will pick up his back feet and basically put them in my hands to be cleaned because he knows he gets treats when his hooves are done. It’s so cute!


He even put on eye shadow for the occasion. TBH I think he pulls this stuff just because he likes getting his face brushed.

If you’re wondering- yes, I’m very sore today. English riding uses pretty much every leg muscle you never knew you had, and I’m feeling alllll of mine today!



2. I don’t usually like white chocolate, but for some reason I LOVE white chocolate Lindt truffles. They have these limited edition ones out for Valentine’s Day that are milk chocolate on the outside and soft white chocolate on the inside and… I may have eaten three bags of them.

I regret nothing.


3. Y’all know I’m addicted to the Hogwarts Mystery phone game. This week we got a side quest that was just so cute and fun it made my week! Remember the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire? We had a dance that was basically like that – you got to pick your outfit and your date and the whole thing was just such a fun break from the regular storyline:




And yes, I brought the smartest boy in all of Hogwarts as my date:

I’m still mad I couldn’t pick Bill Weasley as my date, but Barnaby is growing on me.


Seriously, if you’re a Harry Potter nerd and not already playing this, get on it! It’s free!


4. My meowers are currently obsessed with the Tiny Tiger cat food variety pack we received to review for the Chewy Influencer Program this month.


Salmon, seafood, and tuna varieties. All three were a hit! My only complaint is wishing that the flavor names were easier to spot on the label.


Bear LOVES to help when I’m taking product photos for reviews.

I was a little hesitant to order a brand I’d never heard of, but this has been a hit! My cats devour all three flavors. It’s little chunks of meat with a good amount of gravy, which is always a crowd pleaser.

Chewy currently has an awesome deal on the Tiny Tiger variety pack where you get an extra 50% off your first order, which makes it like $6.50 for 24 cans! Score!


5. Best of the internet recently:



Sad news – I found out this week that my trail ride job won’t be re-opening in March. I’ve been looking forward to going back all winter, so obviously I’m bummed. I’m considering applying at a different place near me that offers horseback riding once they re-open, but it won’t be the same!

That’s it for this week! I’m curled up in bed with the cats, getting ready to get some writing work done. (I may have skipped working last night in favor of going out for dinner and a movie. Sometimes you have to take advantage of that whole “freelance”thing, even when it hurts your wallet.) It’s been a busy week, so I’m totally content to not go anywhere today!


May your weekend be lovely and filled with heavily discounted V-day candy!


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