Friday Favs – July

Friday Favs – July


1. A recommendation for one of this guy’s Ted Talks came up in my YouTube feed, and after watching that I fell down a huge rabbit hole of watching all of his stuff. Most videos are about his replies to spam emails and the hilarious exchanges that ensue, but this one about his exchange with a roommate is my favorite so far:


2. I’m super weird about paying someone else to do a task I’m capable of doing myself, so learning how to do something new makes me happy. This week, the light bulb for my car’s rear turn signal went out. I stopped by WalMart to look at replacement bulbs and asked how much they’d charge to install one. It’s $5.50, so I almost had them go ahead and do it, but I decided to YouTube it first and I’m glad I did!

It was literally 1) Open Trunk 2) Unscrew a little twisty thing. 3) Twist the piece that holds the bulb to remove it. 4) Pull bulb out and stick new one in. 5) Put everything back into place. It’s totally something you can do in one minute. Um, unless you’re like me and don’t smush the bulb far enough into the socket the first time and you have to figure out how to recover from this:

(I put sticky tack on a pen to get it out. VICTORY.)

Anyway, I highly recommend doing a quick YouTube search before paying someone to do simple repairs! I’ve learned how to replace fuses, windshield wipers, and now bulbs. Sure, it’s only like $6 saved, but even if you do end up paying someone else to do it, it’s nice to know you can do it yourself if you want to.


3. I usually choose wet food to review for the #ChewyInfluencer program, but this month the Purina Beyond dry food caught my eye because it had freeze dried chicken pieces in it, and I knew my cats would be allllll over that!



We got the Wild Turkey & Lentil recipe, and Captain Kitten earned his keep for another month with this adorable tongue out photo. He really is my most talented model. (Yes, he got a new collar and yes, he will have it utterly destroyed within weeks. Again.)


As expected, the cats loved it! (Except Tennyson, who will almost NEVER eat dry food. Tiny weirdo.)

It’s made in the USA and the info says the turkey is farm-raised, but I do wonder if that actually means free-range or the usual poultry farm cages. It’s grain-free, and has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, though, so thumbs up for that!



4. I found these on clearance at WalMart for 50 cents, and they’re SO GOOD. Finding foods rich in Omega-3’s is hard when you don’t eat fish. Of course, now I’m annoyed that the little packages are gone and all they have available are big $14 tubs of them. Still – yum!


5. The infamous “This is not a mailbox” at my local post office made a friend:


Hope your weekend is lovely!


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